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X Men: Evolution RP
There's an institute for gifted students known as Mutant, deal with everyday life. All mutants have their own path to walk. Whether they are good, neutral, or bad. It's time to choose your path.
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XMen Evolution RolePlay
Come create mutant OCs and RP with them in this X-Men Evolution role play! You can also claim canon characters from the show and characters from other X-Men media! Takes place the school year directly after the fight with Apocalypse.
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X-Men: Evolution: The RP
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X-Men Evolution Roleplay
Roleplay in the world of X-Men Evolution as a canon or an OC!
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Xmen Evolution RPG
I love Xmen Evo so I made an Rpg, Yay for Rpgs!
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Xmen Evolution RP
This takes place after X-men Evolution ascension, If curious to what happened look it up on hulu, Be an X or a member of the brotherhood! Hope you will come stay at the Xavier institute and write the future with me.
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X-Men : Next Generation
The school is still going strong and there are more and more mutants coming and going. The Brotherhood no longer exists, having joined the X-Men and there is another mutant group-The International Organization of Mutants-that teaches and trains mutants, who have no qualms with humans. Unfortunately, there is a new threat arriving that all everyone must work together to defeat.
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X Men: New Blood
After 5 years of Peace a new threat arrives to take down the mutant society. They call themselves Hatchet Enterprises. There soul goal is to destroy Mutant's. But with a new threat a whole another generation joins the fight. Some on the side of Hatchet and others Stand by the side of the X-Men. Who will you join in this Fight?
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X-men: Your team is your family
Welcome to your first year at the Xavier Institute for gifted children. You are either here because your ran away from home or you have no place to call home, but it's okay. Here you will be accepted for your gifts and oddities. Your team is your family, no one gets left behind. Now, time to start the new term. Or if you're not the hero type, the Brotherhood has room for you.
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X-Men RP.
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X-Men: Adaption
Twenty years after the X-Men defeated Apocalypse, things have calmed down considerably. Anti-mutant sentiment is at an all time low, and for the most part- mutants are seen as a curiosity by the general public. Xavier is dead, and the Institute is taught by the old team- with Jean as Headmistress. Can the peace last?
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Xmen The Next Generation
5 years in the future. Most of the original X-Men have left Bayville to help around the world, some hoping to lead normal lives. An anti-mutant group has formed, hoping to put Mutants in their 'Rightful Place', and a new mutant group has started, hoping to rival the Xmen. The Brotherhood still exists, but Lance and Blob have left. A few X-Men have staid on at the institutes as instructors, but they aren't enough for the up coming war. Who will you join? What will you choose?
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OCs ROCK! dude!
this forum is about anything i want it to be about! hahahahahaha! rules are simple! be nice or be flamed! Be afraid be very afraid!
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Xmen: Evolution RPG
RPG based after the exposure of mutants. You can be an OC or claim a canon character.
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X-men Academy
A school based to help kids of any age to control their powers & use them constructively instead of letting there powers control them. To give the ones who are different a save place to live, away from the abuse of bullies & others who don't understand how special being different is.
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Xmen Evolution: Original Characters
Discuss OCs, are they a good idea or not? Or even post the stats or yours!
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Mutant Juvie
Welcome to the place of the wild things. Young Mutants are sent into a shielded prison. Only Homo sapiens can enter or leave without shield shutdown. Ocs welcome.
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X men Evolution RP
Want to read X-men , or Roleplay as a OC or Canon Character. Then this is the roleplaying forum for you. advertise your X-men Fanfiction! Enjoy
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Zoe Wilbur's school for Privleged Children
A woman named Zoe Wilbur starts a school for mutants. Ocs being accepted.
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X Men Evo Fanfiction Challenges
A forum posing all sorts of FF challenges. Or helping with writer's block or whatever X Men related. Come one, come all, and have fun!
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XMEN! ! !
Mostly RPGs, but other things as well. I've stolen a few charries, so you can't have them. . .Just warning you
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Who is your favorite character? And favorite couple and group of mutants?
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XMen story ideas
Here is a place where you can chat with others about your XMen: Evolution story ideas.
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Goldylokz's Forest House
Come here to discuss Goldylokz's stories Nine to Five, Jonda community and couple, and more!
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X-Men Evolution role play
Basically this is my first time making one of these so be nice and all may role play in peace!
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