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Xiaolin Showdown: The Coming of the New Age
The epic part two. The next generation has started to take over the old, and the world is in even more danger. The secrets behind the world are being revealed. Mature users only. Sorry but this forum is closed due to inacrivity, may change in the future.
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The Xiaolin Temple
The home of the Xiaolin Dragons, from current masters to the new trainees. Come and learn the ways of the elements.
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Xiaolin Showdown: The New Age
Open for all users! Read the rules first. The old generation has retired or are leading the new. Pick your side: Xiaolin temple or Heylin Palace and join the war. (Currently active as of 2016)
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Xiaolin Showdown The Role Play!
The Current plot Bunnie is Two Years after the Dragons split and went back to their normals lives Some Weird things have been happening all centered around jack's School The Dragons are called in to check it out. Look inside for Ages.
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The Rants and Raves of Xiaolin Showdown
Basically, we pick a topic and either praise it, or bash it to pieces! Come make friends and enemies while we chat our hearts out. Rant all you want, rave all you won't, we don't care!
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Angel's Xiaolin Showdown RP
All of the characters from the show you fell in love with are back in action, and now, an all new star is in the mix; Rayana Tyler. How will this princess mix things up with the group; come find out! :
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Xiaolin Showdown RP
a place to roleplace this great show come on in and well have lots of fun.
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Upcoming Stories
This is where you can talk about upcoming Xiaolin Showdown stories and what not. Discussion what you can expect from them before they are published.
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Fav Pairings
Whats your fav pairing? Raikim or JackKim or Raijack? Come in here and lets talk about pairings you like and pairings you hate.
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Xiaolin Showdown RP
I am rewatching Xiaolin Showdown for like the 3rd time and I am a roleplay addict so this is a RP forum that isnt from 2009!
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The XS Invite Only Forum
The title says it all! I'm sick of seeing forums where people try and have a real debate or conversation, only for a no0b to come in and ruin it! No more! This forum is INVITE ONLY. Invitation details inside. NEW: Now home to the Feedback club!
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Xiaolin Showdown:Rebirth of the Dragons
Work in Progress.
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Xiaolin Warriors
Choose your fate.. will you be a Xiaolin Dragon or a Heylin Rat?
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xx Every Good Girl needs a Bad Boy
A proper discussion for those Jackimiko fans. Topics can range from serious to adorable to hilarious.Talk about your fanfiction, share your views, basically just spread around the Jack x Kimiko love.
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Xiaolin Chats
A chance to talk about anything and everything to do with Xiaolin Showdown
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Looking for a Xiaolin Showdown RP!
Hey well I'm looking for anyone who wants to role play the Xiaolin Showdown series. I am a literate role play and am looking for people who want to either role play over Texts, Email or Messenger. I will play anyone! Just shoot me a message! I will also d
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Should Xiaolin Showdown Create New Charaters?
The title says it. What do you think? Do u think that XS should create new charaters? If they would what kind of charater would you like to see? Tell me all about it, cause i already thougnt of a new charater myself.
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Xiaolin Showdown: Rise of Evil
All the old dragons are long gone. Evil is rising again, and Dojo needs to find the new dragons before time runs out! There will be action, adventure, and even a bit of romance. Submit your characters now! Mary-Sues will be rejected.
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Taking Over The World
It seems the driving force behind so many story plots nowadays is either someone trying to destroy the world or take it over. If YOU want to take over the world, as so many of you probably do, this is the place to post why and how you would go about it!
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Xiaolin Show Down
This is a place to Rp on Xiaolin Show down!
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Xiaolin Showdown Role PlayRP
talk about the characters of xiaolin showdown or create your own and post them here.
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The Congregation Writher Anonymous
¿Sos un fiel seguidor del lado Oscuro De Heylin o vuestra lealtad esta con los Guerreros Xiaolin?¿Teneis la esperanza de encontrar algun Shen Gong Wu? & ¿Vuestro platillo preferido es la sopa del Solitario Lao Mang? Sin duda vos perteneses aqui.
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Weird couples 2!
New fourm ! Post your weird couples here! Crossover an Oc pairngs acepeted. Also talk about my story, Boy From Rio, Girl From Japan! If you have ides for the story, put them here!
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Xiaolin Showdown Charcters
Your thoughts on the charcters.
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XS Plot twists
This is a place where people can show what kind of different plots would be good, in their opinion, for stories, episodes, drawings, and movies involving Xiaolin Showdown. Maybe even a way to get new ideas for stories when you're in a slump. Come, and sho
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