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Young Justice: Back to Back
"We were back to back in the fight of our lives, but I wouldn't trust myself with anyone else." We live in the world of heroes, and villans; we live in a world where we need you. UNDER NEW LEADERSHIP: Ansa88
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The New Generation
When the old team dies, the job must go to someone. It is up to us, the new generation, to take the teams place, save the world, and bring justice to all that deserve it. Will you join us? Or will you fight against us? OC heroes and villains welcome. the forum is open.
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Young Justice: A New World
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Young Justice: Revival
OPEN. Five years after the events of Season 2, the world is currently in chaos, natural disasters and corruption plaguing society. Enter the new heroes. They're young, fiery, and already dealing with their own problems. But when they're called upon by the JL, how can they refuse? Can these new heroes save the world? Can they save themselves? Join Revival and find out.
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Young Justice: Adamant
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Young Justice Fanfiction Challenges
A forum made to provide challenges for YJ fanfiction writers who need inspiration, a cure for writers block or just want a challenge! Or hey! Maybe you want to assign challenges or casually discuss the characters or episodes. : Open for everyone.
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The Gang of Cs
*INVITATION ONLY* " We are the castoffs of the city, told to cease our existence. We didn't listen. We clipped the strings of our fate and we will control all we want. We will create our utopia and we will lead!" There's a lot of gangs in Gotham, but none that rose so fast as Cs. Play as a member, an ally, or an enemy as the story unfolds. Are you with us or against us?
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Young Justice: New Legacy
[OC's Only] A new team has been assembled by the Justice League, chosen to carry on the burden of the next generation. A force is skittering in the shadows, biding their time until they can finally strike; it's up to the team to neutralize and defeat the threat, but can they? Not everything is so simple, heartache, drama, struggles and fights are all in the job description for these new heroes, as well as confronting their inner demons.
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Young Justice Again
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Young Justice Role-playing Forum
All of the other role-playing forums out there looked complicated. I hope to make one that is simple. We are ALWAYS open. If we look dead, poke us, I promise we aren't dead.
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The Warworld: Our World Now
The Reach Succeeded. The Earth was destroyed. But that doesn't mean the human race went with it- no, we survived, we made it. We're alive, but our home is gone, fleeing to the only place we could- welcome to the New Gaia, it's our world now. (RP! Ocs and all alike!) Open!
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Young Justice: Side by Side
"The ongoing conflict between us has caused heavy suffering to both peoples. The future can and must be different. Both our peoples are destined to live together side by side, on this small piece of land. This reality we cannot change." We live in the world of heroes and villans; we live in a world where we need you.
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Young Justice: New Forces
The Team is gaining members, and fast! But at the same time, new villians are making themselves known around town. Create your own hero/villain and have fun!
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Young justice
The team has another team at another base
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New Young Justice RP
The Young Justice, Justice, and Injustice Leagues are looking for more members to help them either protect the world, or take control of the world. Open to everybody, so please join!
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There Are No Heroes
First a god fell from the sky. Then criminals appeared dangling from streetlamps. The human governments were at a loss over how to deal with beings more powerful than their dreams. First they tried a virus to eradicate the metahuman genome. A failure evolved into more failures. At last an idea, pure genius: give public officials your past, present, and future. Or else what? Or else you will die.
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New Revolutions
Heros and Villains are looking to recruit for the betterment and estrangement of the world. They need willing and skilled applicants. If you think you can do it then this is the right place. All are welcome, OC's, Canon's, and aliens. [OPEN!]
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Young Justice: New Squad
Get ready! Because Four years after the tragic "death" of Wally West, sightings of him have been reported by leaguers around the world. Now, a new Young Justice team is being formed. Get on board, or get out of the way. And remember, "Don't call us Sidekicks." You can also rp as members of The Teen Titans and The Outlaws.
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The Gang of Cs: Risen
It's been five years; five years since the Shadow Incident changed the course of the Cs. That day their leader rose, she rose with a new promise and a new determination. She may not be able to save Gotham, but she can do her best to change it. Some people have left, some have died, and hundreds have joined the mission. The Cs have risen. *INVITATION ONLY* (Can request admittance) Active 8/18
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Shadows Unleashed
*AU. No canon Team characters exist* The Justice League, created by a group of hero's recognizing they could not do everything alone. In response, enlightened villains committed themselves to a new Light. Years have pasted and young sidekick's crave the chance to take up the mantle of hero, even if they throw themselves before the Light. Far from the league's crusade, in the deepest of shadows, a hunger lurks. Moving ever closer to the day. *Until futher notice, we will only be accepted non team-membersOCs*
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Young Justice Rp
Welcome to the world of Young Justice, set a year after the first season. Here you can create OC heroes and Villains and help create your own missions and story arcs, operate on a date time schedule so you can follow how your characters develop and grow with their powers/skills. Everyone is welcome, just accept the rules create/claim your character and jump in :)
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Young Justice RP
Young Justice RP! from the first season to the second season! Ocs welcome!
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Young Justice: Next Generation
A next generation Young Justice roleplay set in the past, present and future.
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Young Justice: Random Shit
Roleplay Young Justice with anyone,or anything. Oc must be approved before rping. and I suck at summaries :3
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DC Universe Role Play
Be anyone from the DC Universe, In this epic DC roleplay were litterally anything can happen! I apologize but there will be No Ocs, hope that doesnt stop anyone from joining! come in for great storylnes and more importantly to have fun! Hero Of The Other-side330
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