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Young Justice: Back to Back
"We were back to back in the fight of our lives, but I wouldn't trust myself with anyone else." We live in the world of heroes, and villans; we live in a world where we need you. UNDER NEW LEADERSHIP: Ansa88
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Young Justice: A New World
20 years after the Invasion has passed. The world has started to rebuild. New heroes show up everyday. Villains remain in the Shadows. All is right. Until the most cliched super villain society in the world strikes. Now it's up to the Justice League to stop them and for a new group of heroes to rise against all the odds.
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DC:Infinite worlds new order
A forum with an RP for just about any D-C based hero suggestion,though most will focus on J-L,TT,and Batman based places. Also has side RP's revolving around Batman-Beyong,Legion of Superheroes and now Young Justice(And green lantern the animated series)
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Young Justice Fanfiction Challenges
A forum made to provide challenges for YJ fanfiction writers who need inspiration, a cure for writers block or just want a challenge! Or hey! Maybe you want to assign challenges or casually discuss the characters or episodes. : Open for everyone.
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Young Justice: New Forces
The Team is gaining members, and fast! But at the same time, new villians are making themselves known around town. Create your own hero/villain and have fun!
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Young justice
The team has another team at another base
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Young Justice RP
Hiya, this is a Roleplay and you can be OC and canon! EVERYONE WELCOMED! *swearing allowed if not every other sentence*
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Young Justice: Yet Another Role Play
Welcome to the world of Young Justice! Join in as your own character or a cannon and have fun!
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New Justice League
Justice League/Young Justice RP. Hey you! Yeah you! I know you can see this. So you wanna be an RPer? Well click right there and you can give it a try. ACTIVE FOREVER February 20, 2014
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young justice role play
this is my young justice role play i curently take part in other rps which include a diffrent young justice rp and a kingdom hearts rp is you wish to join go ahead and do it man i hope you guys like
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Young Justice RP
Young Justice RP! from the first season to the second season! Ocs welcome!
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Young Justice Rp
Welcome to the world of Young Justice, set a year after the first season. Here you can create OC heroes and Villains and help create your own missions and story arcs, operate on a date time schedule so you can follow how your characters develop and grow with their powers/skills. Everyone is welcome, just accept the rules create/claim your character and jump in :)
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Young Justice: Random Shit
Roleplay Young Justice with anyone,or anything. Oc must be approved before rping. and I suck at summaries :3
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DC Universe Role Play
Be anyone from the DC Universe, In this epic DC roleplay were litterally anything can happen! I apologize but there will be No Ocs, hope that doesnt stop anyone from joining! come in for great storylnes and more importantly to have fun! Hero Of The Other-side330
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Young Justice: RP
A new Young Justice team is kicking it in a new city and with a Young InJustice team also making way into the world, maybe that second team is exactly what's needed. More info inside!
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Another Young Justice Forum
Another Forum for Young Justice because a lot of them are dead. This is mostly for Role Play, but there will also be disscussion and chatting, hopefully you guys have fun!
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Welcome to the Team!
Another Young Justice RolePlay. Figured I'd give it a shot and see what happens. OCs accepted.
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Younger Heroes
They weren't forever going to be teen heroes! The old team are now their own heroes and have taken on their own sidekicks! You can RP as your character and your mentor. RP and OC's are allowed! You'll have fun!
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New groups
Kids around are beginning to find out about Young justice, see if you qualify for leader or teammate. Join now, but PM me first. We need to get you in non-randomly. NOW HAVING THE LEAGUE OF VILLIANS STARTUP!
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The Sanctuary
Welcome to the HQ of Young Justice; due to the sensitive nature of their assignments we insist on you keeping silent on what goes on here, and that you maintain proper behavior for the duration of your stay,if you don't you will be removed and quickly.
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Young justice(new league) RP
Create your own OC. Have fun writting with others. Become the next generation of Young Justice.
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Young Justice Role Play
Because you can never have too much of a good thing! OC's Welcome!
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The Team: New Generation RP
A completely new generation of heroes makes up the Justice Leagues Covert Team. Here new heroes can develop responsibility, leadership skills, teamwork, trust, and anything else a big name hero needs while working through missions around the world and facing life and death situations. OCs recommended. Always Open! Mission One: Interrupting Austin is starting soon. Join now so you can take part.
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Young Justice New Beginnings
The Young Justice team is recruiting and they need your help! So make a character and join the fight on all the new villains showing up. Set before invasion. *ACTIVE*
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Just being a teen
A YJ rp set before the time skip where there all still teenagers dealing with their problems and they have a new one a whole lot of new team members. Come inside and face all the problems that a superpowered teen has to face primarily high school. ACTIVE
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