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Batman: A new start
As Gotham gets over crowded with villains, Batman needs help to keep the civilians safe from new threats
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Joker Mania Rp Central (Pre 52)
Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family. Just another forum for Batman role players. Feel free to join or post a link to your Batman related fanfic in the appropriate topic.
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Batman:Legacy rp
The original Batman has retired and Gothem City has fallen into chaos. Follow the 2nd Batman as he tries to fix it.
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Dark Knights and Cat Fights A Batman Roleplaying Forum
"Let's begin the game!", the Joker will say, as Harley dances 'bout. Watch the Batgirls and Robins play detective games while Bruce makes his own route. Arkham's the heat that makes Gotham Hell, so sad a truth it's a sin. But if you like life's darker side, then please, step right in.
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Gotham: The Grey Scale
Gotham City has a dark underbelly that everyone knows about yet few confront. Are you willing to confront it or allow it to grow, even helping it? All are welcome! [CLOSED]
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A Batman Roleplay
Welcome to Gotham City were criminals are loose and crazy while dear Batsy tries to catch 'em all! In this Roleplay you can submit original characters or choose a canon! Have fun! Read rules first.
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MarvelDC Crossover RP
Quit messing with the timeline, Allen! A strange anomaly has combined two different Earths, one containing Marvel characters and the other DC characters. No one remembers their lives before this, and have a new Doubleverse to fix. Claim a canon or make an OC in this bizarre adventure. There are also separate RPs for the Marvel and DC universes to be played separately. New forum with active admin.
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dc universe presents: chaos on earth
WARNING! content is mature and is not for everyone just about anything goes OC's are welcomed please feel free to join in and have fun -Rated R
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Batman: Welcome to Arkham
RP based after Arkham City.
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Bat-Family Reloaded!
A Batman RP where you can defend Gotham from crime, or commit some! Friend, Foe, and Neutral will clash. Bat-Family members or friends of the caped crusaders are all welcome! This Forum ties in with my Arrow-Family RP.
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