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Hobbes: Magic or Imaginary
Discuss your theory on our favourite tiger.
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The Excessively Deranged Forum of Incomprehensible Nonsense
This is a forum I've created mainly as a way to interact with my readers, and for said readers to interact with each other. SOCIALIZING, AMIRIGHT? Brainstorming, suggestions, questions, omakes, snippets, and all else concerning my story Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Dark Lord are welcome in this forum of epic origins and radioactive nature. GO CRAZY, YOU GUYS.
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Da World of Calvin and Hobbes!
Do you like Calvin and Hobbes? Well come on in and talk about Calvin and Hobbles, roleplay, and just have fun!
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Calvin and Hobbes video game
If Bill Watterson were to make a Calvin and Hobbes video game, what would it be? Please add the compatible game systems too.
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calvin and hobbes
want idea's or want to give them? come rite in
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Superhero Wanted
If Calvin had a fourth alter ego, who would it be, and what would its name be?
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calvin and hobbes
a calvin and hobbes forum
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