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Private RP for my friend Labratswhore, and her eyes only.
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kid avengers
create your super hero kid
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Captain America
Discuss the movie!
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Time machine to Steve Rogers
Elaina is living in the future, and she hates her life. She is very smart, and her friend and her create a time machine. They travel back to the year 1943. Elaina has always had a huge crush on Steve Rogers, and she is hoping and praying that he will give her a chance.
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Enternity (Vampire AU Steve x Human Tony)
Anthony(Tony) Edward Stark is a human boy who lives in a horrible life. He got a brother who ignores him, a dad who always control Tony's option, yet a mother who loves him. But that wasn't bad enough, he was registered in a Vampire Elementary School as a punishment! The school also fucked up his life when all the vampires start to 'disturb' him. Worst of all, he was forced to...
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