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DC: A Brave New World
40 years after a invasion that saw the fall of the original Justice League and the rise of government paranoid of meta-humans, the world is still rebuilding with Gotham rebuilt atop its ruins as New Gotham and Metropolis becoming a walled off utopia. Regardless of what the public think, the world still needs heroes.
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DC: The Eternal Realm
It is the year 1052 AD of our lord. Long has magic, and magical species coexisted with our world ever since the convergence that altered it long ago. Heroes formed orders, noble houses have risen. A New World was settled and discovered, and now as this year unfolds, only time will tell what destiny is forged.
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DC Elseworlds
Welcome everybody who likes DC Elseworlds! You can talk about comic books, alternate worlds and alternate versions of DC characters, and discuss Elseworlds fanfiction.
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Send in your OCs.
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There's A Universe for That
You want an RP with a serious plot? There's a universe for that. You want an RP that is a parody of all the hero's and it's just jokes? There's a Universe for that. You want an RP for your favorite ships? There's Always Universes for That. So come join us.
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Gotham Noir: Tales from the Streets
Gotham g th m : 1. City of Gotham, on the United States Eastern Seaboard, in the state of New Jersey. 2. Nickname for 16th Century English town of Nottingham, renowned for its Wise Fools. … Noir nwär : 1. Of or relating to a genre of crime literature f
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