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Deadpool: How Would We Do It
I loved the movie so much, I went and saw it twice. But let's face it, our Merc with the Mouth doesn't get enough love. Help me out here, guys.
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Deadpool's Death
Deadpool has finally done something crazy that it may just kill him to find out more read the story.
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Based off of Marvel's Merc with a Mouth, and badass mercenary comes Deadpool. Get ready for a badass, fun, and a good time. Because Deadpool is on his way to break the fourth wall.
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DeadPool as a Child!
For the people who love deadpool, this is the perfect story for you! This is the story of dead pool if he was a child. There will include violence, cussing, and ect. I hope you enjoy this story of deadpool as a child!
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