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Flash Movie Villain
Who would be you're pick as a villain s for the upcoming Flash movie? I'm gonna go with Weather Wizard. I know he's a little weird but hey we have people online suggesting having Gorilla Grodd. Plus it's DC's fault for giving him such a weak rogues galle
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The Flash Rp
Central City the birth place of metahumans and super villains. Role play in this chaotic city to your heats content.
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Twin Cities RP
Pre-New52 continuity, during Barry Allen age. Sign up for a character within.
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the flash
i am a girl how loves the flash
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Earth one Hunter zolomon
The story is about earth one Hunter Zolomon after zooms death the gang go to a casual visit to getters and see hunter but it’s earth one hunter not zoom and he’s with his sister who was born after hunter. What happened to them was there mom died while in starling city while in a work meeting 5 years before. But there not a normal siblings one is a meta human due to the partial excelerator but which one is it and what powers to they have. And most importantly how will they team react...
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The Flash: Scarlet Speedster
Barry Allen has been the Flash for about 7 months. Rated T for strong language and explicit violnce
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