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Put a Ring on It: Green Lantern Crossovers
To discuss all Green Lantern Crossover thoughts and feelings. From crossovers, fusions and even just tossing the rings into other fingers, in other worlds.
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Petition To Make the Green Lantern Heterosexual
Sign if you agree.
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Green Lantern Forum
Welcome everybody who likes Green Lanterns! You can discuss comic books, talk about your favorite characters and GL-related fanfiction.
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crossover challenge
I got a few cross over challenge idea like naruto receives all of the rings of the korean to green sapphire violets are blue indigo orange yellow boredom naruto's raised by the star sapphires because 1 of the few men 2 wheel the sapphire power ring the fi
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Lantern uniform design
What there lantern uniforms look like based off there personalities
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Spectrum Strike feedback
Fan Feedback for Spectrum Strike
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