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BPRD roleplay
Every other fandom has it, so I'm lettin' the sun in: A roleplay set in the BPRD comicverse. For anyone who wants to join, come on it - the door's open, and the fun and the whole story is inside.
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Nuada Silverlance
A place to meet, chat, and even leave fic challenges with other fans of the Elven Prince from the Hellboy movie/comicverse.
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Hellboy 3 rpg
This is where an idea of Hellboy 3 will be. OC's are welcome and cannons are as well. Cannons must try out and the staff, those who sign up as the other cannons, and I will approve or decline. Please, keep it somewhat BPRD-ish.
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Hellboy 3? It JUST has to be possible!
Join this forum to discuss with other people who wants to have a Hellboy 3 movie!
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Bureau For Paranormal Research and Defense: Role P
Role Play as your OC or as a cannon Character.
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So many people who write for this fandom write at least on fic with Nuada in it even if it's a slight mention. He is a very popular character and this is a forum for his fans.
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Everything Hellboy and BPRD
this forum is for people to discuss anything and everything that is Hellboy or BPRD related
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Hellboy RolePlay
*Active 2016* Claim a canon Hellboy character or create an OC and become a member of the B.P.R.D (the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense) an other worldly being working towards your own goals or a civilian caught in all the . An amalgamation of the comic verse and the movies. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
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Who are your favourite characters?
Just asking everybody, whats you favourite character from the comicmovie? For me, its:Comic:Hellboy,Liz Sherman,Abe Sapien.Movie:Eh, haven't quite watched yet...
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What is with Nuada?
The over population of Prince Nuada stories.
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The Black Cat Warrior fanfiction
Hellboy's adopted sister can face down demons and monsters like It's nothing. However can she face the one she loves before It's too late? (I suck at summaries but please read. It's a lot better than it sounds.
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