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BPRD roleplay
Every other fandom has it, so I'm lettin' the sun in: A roleplay set in the BPRD comicverse. For anyone who wants to join, come on it - the door's open, and the fun and the whole story is inside.
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Nuada Silverlance
A place to meet, chat, and even leave fic challenges with other fans of the Elven Prince from the Hellboy movie/comicverse.
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Hellboy 3 rpg
This is where an idea of Hellboy 3 will be. OC's are welcome and cannons are as well. Cannons must try out and the staff, those who sign up as the other cannons, and I will approve or decline. Please, keep it somewhat BPRD-ish.
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Hellboy 3? It JUST has to be possible!
Join this forum to discuss with other people who wants to have a Hellboy 3 movie!
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Bureau For Paranormal Research and Defense: Role P
Role Play as your OC or as a cannon Character.
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So many people who write for this fandom write at least on fic with Nuada in it even if it's a slight mention. He is a very popular character and this is a forum for his fans.
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Everything Hellboy and BPRD
this forum is for people to discuss anything and everything that is Hellboy or BPRD related
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Hellboy RolePlay
*Active 2016* Claim a canon Hellboy character or create an OC and become a member of the B.P.R.D (the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense) an other worldly being working towards your own goals or a civilian caught in all the . An amalgamation of the comic verse and the movies. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
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Who are your favourite characters?
Just asking everybody, whats you favourite character from the comicmovie? For me, its:Comic:Hellboy,Liz Sherman,Abe Sapien.Movie:Eh, haven't quite watched yet...
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What is with Nuada?
The over population of Prince Nuada stories.
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