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New Session
Join the new session of Sburb and save the world! Or universe. Or friends. I don't really know what you're supposed to save anymore. But back to the point! Do you have what it takes to win the game?
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L3T TH3 RUMPUS1NG B3G1N. RP and OOC chat and funtiems. We're looking for people to RP with us, so if you want to, don't hesitate to join. You want AUs, we got AUs!
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Seasons of the Skaian Calendar: A Sburban Fan-Session
The Game: a constant as old as Paradox Space itself, the herald of the end. It has been played in every universe so far, and even those yet to be... This is how it has always been, and always will be. SotSC is the tale of the Game and it's players. A Long-term ADVANCED 4-Player Fankid Session.
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Hellbound: The Chord Damnation Plays
4 Prepubescent Humans, 4 Suit-casted Demons, One powerful Creature. Hellbound is the story of 8 players in a session of Scarb, a strange world altering game that decides the fate of the Universe; Pick between Human and Demon... Do you have what it takes? CLOSED.
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Sburb: New Session
For all the apocalypses the world has survived, it will not survive this one. Earth is doomed, and there is no way to fix that – however, there may just be a loophole. If a group of friends can manage to work together, these prepubescent teens may just have what it takes to change the future. An advanced/literate RP – long posts, in-depth characters, and a true chance to take in the world you help create. [CLOSED]
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A New Session
In which adventures occur, a game is played (and maybe even won!), friends are made, quadrants are filled, and general excitement happens! Takes place in a Post-Scratch universe. Canons and OCs accepted.
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Sweet Homestuck and Hella RP
Hey, this is a Homestuck RP. Join if you feel like you want to RP. You can be a canon character or an OC.
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Homestuck Canons and Ocs
SBURB/SGURB has been booted up by 16 morons, EVERYBODY RUN Advanced but Casual is acceptable English
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Sburb: A Private Session
This is getting out of hand.
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Homestuck Roleplay (Ancestors And All)
Improvements and updates! Please come join us! Cannon characters and Session spaces available!
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Homestuck! ::::)
Nobody has died...yet. Everyone is alive. But!Tavros is still in a wheel chair and Vriska still has her robotic arm, Equius and Nepeta are still alive, Eridan didnt snap and kill Kanaya and Feferi, So that means Sollux isnt blind snd Gamzeee has not gone somber.But somehow Kanaya is still a rainbow drinker..Make your adventures...so come on!OCs and Canons!
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Homestuck RP
it seems that this RP is dead, plz join but PM me first
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Homestuck: New sessions (AU)
A whole new session and new trials in entirely different universes in Paradox Space. Humans and Trolls, prepare for the fight of your lives. This RP requires some advanced RP as we'll be going along with the Webcomic's style of narrative letting you, your actions and your interactions decide the fate of your sessions.
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Homestuck Roleplay (Ancestors And All) Version 2
Improvements and updates! Please come join us! Cannon characters and Session spaces available!
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Homestuck:Nova Session
It was supposed to be a game. A fun game played between friends. Except games aren't supposed to destroy worlds or kill people that kind of defeats the purpose of a game. A new session of Sburb has started. O.C Characters. Open Forum.
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Rainbow Rumpus Rollplay!
New Sburb/Sgrub session, be a human or a troll or a whatever and do things that make no sense that will eventually make all the sense... yup.
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An adventure for a special friend circle! Anyone may join us, for we are generally accepting people.
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Homestuck Couples Rp!
Here is where you come if all the characters you want in threads are taken. If you just want to rp a couple without any mockery or judgement. Any pairing, any age rating, yaoi, yuri-whatever you want, it doesn't matter! :3
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Homestuck RP Cannon and OC's!
Here, anything can happen! Why? Because it's Homestuck! Please only join if you've read past the first couple trolls introduction. OC's Are welcome both humans and trolls! All character types are welcome, Ancestors, Trolls, Humans, and maybe even Cherubs!
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Tree of Timelines
In the words of the Matrix (kinda) we need AUs, lots and lost of AUs. This is the premise of this forum, AUs. So come one, come all, time to see how creative we can get.
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Choir Boys
Private RP, please don't post on any of the threads but feel free to read them. If you have any comments you want to make please send it in a private message to not disturb the thread, thank you. For now this will just be conversations over pesterchum/trollian between the humans and the trolls but maybe eventually we might to a colab fic or something, sky's the limit. As a final note the title of the forum has NOTHING to do with the inner content
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This a random RP for Homestuckians! OCs are allowed, Couplings must be asked for first!
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Roleplay Homestuck with Homestuck characters and fancharacters.
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Sgrub: Reset
A simple session goes horribly wrong; but then again, don't they all? This RP is meant for literate RPers, and requires in-depth posts as well as thought-out characters. Also, a limited number of players will be accepted, as the trolls will be based off the signs of the planets. So what do you say, Hero? Your world won't create itself.
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Sburb Omega
After Sgrub and Sburb Beta and Alpha, there comes Sburb Omega. A whole group of friends play this game, with some help from their precedents. What will happen to this mixture of trolls and humans? Join and find out!
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