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Jhonnen Vesquez Oc chatroom
if you have an Oc from any of Jhonnen Vesquez's work, come chat here!
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JtHM Slash Discussion
For all those fans of MxM and FxF pairings in the world of JtHM, Squee, I Feel Sick, etc. Because there's already plenty of NnyDevi and NnyOC out there...
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Dear DieAry: Fan Fic Discussion
Got an idea for a fan fic floating around in your head? Stuck on your story? This is the place to discuss story ideas along with Vasquez fan fiction in general.
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The first Jhonen Vasquez forum
Welcome one and all to the first, original, Vasquez forum. Discuss JTHM, Squee, I feel sick, Edger and even noodle boy here.
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Happy Noodle Boy Random Phrase Competition
Gah! I shall feast on the jellybeans that grew from your earlobes! You snail-raping bucket! Stop chasing me you f**king pickle!
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Looking for a Johnny to rp with an OC
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Soul Toast: A Writer's Forum
When all you can think of to cook for dinner are the toasty souls of the damned. Come here to brainstorm and share your ideas, get opinions, find collaboration partners, or issue challenges to the many talented fans of JV. All pairings and opinions accept
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Master's Castle
Welcome, Welcome, one and all. This is the first time I am opening up my castle to you normal and sane people. I am truly amazed that I am. Talk and mingle, and yes I am single but my heart belongs to someone else. JTHM Forum
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The Worst of the Worst: Jhonen Vasquez Fanfiction
If you're upset that I put your fic in the JCV worstfics C2, here is your place to whine. If you give me good solid reasons why your fic is not a piece of shit, I will remove it.
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Jhonen Vasquez
Hey! Do you like Jhonen Vasquez? Wanna talk about anything you want about him? Well then jump into to th gang and join the party cause we've go some freshly baked cokies!
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