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Legion of Superheroes: Fun & Games
Legion of Superheroes- The Most Fun Team of Superheroes in the 31st Century! So, wanna have some fun with other LoSH fans? Play tons of games right here!
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Legion of SuperHeroes Role Play
Because there's so much role play, we need a whole board.
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losh any topic
if you need to know anything about losh or for some story help this is the place or an all around no topic losh chat. please keep it teen rated!
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Legion of Super Heroes Season 3
4Kids, after taking over the WB, cancelled Legion of Super Heroes season 3, leaving a lot of loose plotlines, including the prospect of Brainiac 5's return, and the looming threat of the evil Brainiac, which came from Brainiac 5's robotic parts. Cancellin
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