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Peanuts Roleplay!
Come and be a part of the world of the Peanuts!
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The Peanuts Fanfiction Forum
Chat about the famous comic by Charles Shultz that lasted half a century. Discuss the trials and tribulations of the characters, their various relationships, fanfiction ideas, and Snoopy.
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Peanuts Movie Discussion
Want to discuss and talk about what you think of the upcoming Peanuts Movie? Or would you like to talk about what you hope to see from the movie in general? Or maybe even talk about how they better put in the "Wah-Wah-Wah" noises for adults? Then this is the Forum for you! Everyone can create threads, where you can discuss whatever you like from The Peanuts Movie!
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Discuss your favorites from the Peanuts canon, whether its specials, movies, comic strips, or characters.
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Charlie Brown & The Little Red-haired Girl
Like romance? Discuss your thoughts on Charlie Brown & the little red-haired girl. What do you think of their relationship? Join our forum!
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Story Challenges
Hello there. I've been having a lot of ideas for stories lately, and while I enjoy writing I find it hard to get anything published, and I've got so many ideas buzzing through my head I just don't know what to do with them. Since I enjoy discussing stories with people and I'm currently doing two joint projects for Peanuts fanfics with Watanuki-Kun and Toonwriter, I thought it seemed logical to put my ideas up as story challenges. And any other authors can post topics for their own story challenges as well.
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Super Snoopy Galaxy: Would It Be Cool?
Well, Would It? Me And Mario Were Disscussing It. And We Thought It Would Be Better If YOU Guys Told Us! So Maybe If It Was A Game, What Would Be Good/ Not Good About It?
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P-Nuts Protectors Official Forum!
P-Nuts Protectors, the Peanuts section's (former and soon to be again) premiere superhero story is coming back! But first...things have to be discussed. Everyone who was a fan of this or made a character, come here.
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