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Scott Pilgrim vs The Multiverse
A Scott Pilgrim forum for fan-created characters, its kind of dead right now, but hey, you're probably the person who could spark some life into it. Yes. You. Reading this summary. Don't be a jerk! Jump on in!
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Scott Pilgrim vs The Role Play
Long ago, in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada... lived a Young heart-broken musician named Scott Pilgrim. That was, until he met Ramona Flowers. Suddenly he was thrust into a battle against her seven evil exes to win her heart. He eventually succeed
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Scott Pilgrim vs The World RP!
In an alternate universe, one young man fights for the love of one young woman. Like, literally, he's fighting her seven evil exes to win her heart. OC-ruled Scott Pilgrim RP, but canon characters can show up!
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Voice4TheMute vs The Community
Wanna drop a recommendation? Maybe start a conversation? Plan a colab story? Post here and i'll respond ASAP! I'll post on my profile when i'll be actively looking on this forum so if you wanna strike a conversation, then this will be the best time!
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Scott Pilgrim: It's not over yet
Set after the end of the film: Scott Pilgrim thinks that it's all over now, but little does he know who else has an extra life... Gideon's back, and he's bringing the others too, but will Scott and Ramona be able to keep on going together? RP
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