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Enter the Spider's Web
A forum where you can discuss Spider-Man in all of his incarnations, from mainstream comics to Ultimate Marvel to films to television to "Turn off the Dark" to video games and more.
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United Heroes Series
Discussions. Ideas. Various Conversations about my "United Heroes" series revolving around Spider-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and RWBY are all found right here.
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The Amazing SpiderMan! RP
Peter Parker was your average teen until a spider bite changed everything. Join Peter as he keeps his secret while fighting baddies in New York City! Roleplay, OC's welcome! STATUS: ON HIATUS
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Spiderman rp
This takes place 20 years aftyer the origonal premise, Peter is retired but his daughter is taking his place.
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The All New, Amazing, Spectacular Unbelievable Spider-Men RP!
That's right folks. A new Spider-Men RP! You can be a cannon character or create one of your own! Weather it's the new Scarlet Spider in Houston, The symbiotic Venom or even your own webslinger! What new great allies or dastardly foes will our heroes face? Join and find out.
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SpiderMan Challenges!
Stuck on a story? Have a great idea but you'd rather not write it yourself? Post a challenge! Or pick one up!
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Spider-Man: Return to the Spiderverse
A rp forum based off the comics, and film.
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Ultimate SpiderMan
The place for anyone who wants to talk about Ultimate SpiderMan.
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A New SpiderMan RP?
Anyone interested in getting a Spider-Man RP together? If you are, post in here!
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Doc Ock
This is a forum for all the Doc Ock lovers'. Whether you like the movie or comic version, doesn't matter.
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Spiderman:The Web of New York
Spiderman has been active for 8 years and balancing his superhero career and ordinary life has gotten no easier. Espichally with a new threat on the horzion
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Spider Man 3
This forum is to discuss what will happen in the upcoming movie: the characters, the plot, and anything else you can think of.
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It's a Spidergirl's World
It's all about the MC-2 Universe and Spider-girl upon this thread. Tell us your thoughts and Ideas about the daughter of the One true Spider-man and her allies...
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Spider-Man and Super-Heroines
Forum based on discussing the possibility and nature of relationships between Peter Parker and the various Super-heroines her encounters. Think She-Hulk and Spider-Man need to make hyphonated babies together? Sure! Think Carol Danvers and Peter Parker should be in an AU buddy cop drama? Speak friend and enter!
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Super stories
This is just a place where people can suggest to me path's for my various stories and bounce ideas around also a place to directly talk to me about my stories
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New form with a Spidey guy!
Hey there everyone! This is me first time on the forum, but hey, I like to try new things Anyway, my name is ADogg, and as you can see, I'm a huge Spidey fan, to which I've already written two and a half stories about him.
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I Am SpiderMan Series
Discussioninput on the I Am SpiderMan Series
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Spiderman: the other, evolve or die
A discussion forum for all that have read Spiderman: evolve or die. And for all Spiderman lovers.
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Spidey Man
Come talk about Spidey Man with me, and HanSkywalker, and Mrs.Pettyfer!It's mainly about the movies, but there isn't anything for the movie, so we , we is me and the voices, just decided to put it here.
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Spiderman: A New Story
About my story Spiderman: A New Story. Also you can discuss your own interpretations of Spiderman and we can share our ideas.
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Who's better in bed? Peter, Harry, or Eddie?
Just wanting to know who you think...
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Symbiote Story talk
Talk about any symbiote stories you're planing to do here. You may give a sample of the story as well.
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Who else loves the Gwenom GwenVenom pairing? Come talk about either character and how wonderfully or badly the movie portrayed them.
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Beyond a simple Mistake: Mistaken Identity expande
From one corner of my mind, came a mistake. I invite you all to participate in the result of this accident. Events, charaters, the past and the future, not even the sky is a limit to discussion.
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Doc Ock
share photo's, story ideas, and website links for our favriote evil octopus!
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