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Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Welcome to Xavier's school! Make you're own OC, teach them to control their powers, and rp with others.
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Different DNA
There's the humans, the mutants, and the hunters. There's the oppressed and the oppressors, there's the status quo and those who rebel against it. The lines aren't always so clear cut. Where do you fit in? - AU OC-centered roleplay forum (restarted 24 June, 2015)
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X Men: Evolution
Professor X must train a growing class of X Men to fight Evil and other things that may come their way. Inspired by the hit Show. Advanced Roleplay. Paraplay. Status: REBOOT
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Xmen AU RPG: The brink
Set in a future and the great grand children of all the famous mutants and the great grand children of all the famous mutants. full smmary inside in a topic.
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XMEN Role Play
Role Play for X-MEN based story is open for players to join in. Looking for dedicated role players and x-men fans!
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Nowhere left to run
In 2023, sentinels are now a reality and though there are few, the danger they impose is great. Mutants are being rounded up and sent to concentration camps and prisons. Have you been caught? Are you on the run, trying to stay alive? Or are you in the group of mutants working together to stop the sentinels and save their fellow mutants from the camps?
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Xmen RP
Just another form for X-men Roleplaying from multiple eras.
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XMen New Evolution
Mutants a new strain in the evolutionary line,these changes have occurred at an accelerated pace since the turn of the century,change is a natural progress of mankind and is often met with prejudice all over the world more and more mutants are awakening a
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Romy fans
A group to display all the love for the hottest couple in the universe: Rogue and Gambit. Can speak about any related with them: Fics, comics, fanart...you name it.
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X-Men Untold Stories
The Weapon X project did not stop with Logan or Deadpool. The weapons of the project escape and have their own adventures.
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Xmen Misfits RP
This is an rp for X-men misfits, the manga version of the X-men, I thought it was cool enough for a RP
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Children of the Atom: An X-Men Roleplay
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An X-men forum for those looking for a little RPing action.
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Lets Talk Crossovers
Like the title says... let's talk crossovers. Only rule. Has to be based around the XMen comics universe. Could be slightly AU though. Enjoy.
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X-Men: New Mutants
Join this X-Men RP as an original or canon character. Fight against the bad guys, or become one of them. Complete missions revolving around Story Arcs. Become the Hero or Villain you were destined to be.
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Project X
A collaboration of writers, coming together to chronicle the tales of the mutant universe. From Professor Charles Xavier's X-men to Eric Lehnsherr's Brotherhood to the Sentinels, each mutant's story will be told. Welcome. . . to Project X.
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The Origin of Ferals
X-Men Rp that takes place somewhere around the 1990's, Two groups of Feral mutants led by either Wolverine/Sabrertooth or the evil Romulus have taken refuge in a huge wildlife reserve around the Canadian/Alaskan borders. Can they survive the hardships of living in the wild and being hunted? Join to find out. Feral mutants RP only! Please read rules first.
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XMen the form for true xmen fans
If you love the xmen then this is your place. all the chararctors you love. Proffessor X is training his mutants such as bobby drake, kitty, kurt and many more with the help of scott, jean, storm, wolverine and beast along with a few other frinds from t
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Marvel's giftered the tise of the Mutants
Based on the Gifted tv series on Fox
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XMen The New Class
Professor Xavier Started his school for gifted youngsters in West Chester to protect young mutants from persecution. But what about the rest of the world? Dr. Patrick Wheeler inspired by professor Xavier started his own school for gifted youngster, so com
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Wolverine lover's
A place to talk about Logan.
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X-Men Roleplay room, Hope you have fun and enoy yourselves! D
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Iggyland XMen Humor
Iggyland is a forum to discuss XMen humor! Companion forum to the XMen humor C2 Group 'Editor's Choice: X Men at their funniest.'
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Prison City New York: Mutant Lockdown
After crime rates rose to near impossible heights, the entirety of New York had been cleared and made into a prison city. When mutants and sentinels are added to this already crazy mix, how will the prison city fair? Will the government's plan succeed and the two most looked down upon groups of people kill each other off or will, perhaps throwing them in together prove to be a grave mistake? LITERATE rp. Rated T-M. OPEN AND ACCEPTING!
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Xmen RPG
Make an OC or claim a Chararacter and jump into the action! *open!*
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