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Young Justice
I started watching it, now I really feel like giving it a try on RPing it, anyone feel like joining?
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Young Justice RP
Based on both the comic and cartoon
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If Dick Grayson the 1st RobinNightwing2nd Batman
If Richard 'Dick' Grayson the1st Robin/Nightwing/the 2nd Batman knows all the Justice league members and helped found Young Justice & founded the Teen Titans why do people always underestimate him? He's been some of the most successful Young Heros/Sidek
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Zatanna and Robin fanfiction: How I met you
This is not the only chapter keep reading I will add Chapters very 2 weeks and every 2 days
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The day that changed it all
While on a mission a laser hits Robin and she loses her ability to speak english. fem!Robin. I suck at summarizes.
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Being Dick Grayson
Life is not easy when you are Dick Grayson. As a member of the Young Justice crew, he deals with a lot of crap. He is suspicious when he hears that theres a mole on the team. He wants to investigate... but he doesnt want to face the truth of who the mole is. On top of that, he has a hard time in school... getting into trouble with a gang.
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true love
wally has feelings for robin then just friends?
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Young Justice
Discuss and find YJ or Batman fanfiction!
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