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CO Chat
From favorite COs to original ideas, you can talk about anything Advance Wars on this forum. Feel free to talk about my fics as well.
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Advance Wars: Days of Glory
A few decades after War World's CO's saved their planet, a new enemy, known only as the Plague invades! Create new CO's of all four Nations... and even Black Hole to defeat this threat... (RP zone)
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Advance Wars FFF: Fanfiction Forum Fanbase
Ever think of what happens in wars world? Politics and ordinary life in each nation? Or what do think of the series in general? Any thoughts on what you would like any sequels to have? Or do you have any ideas on new COs? Nations? Talk about it here!
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Olaf is the best!
Hi, I'm Luigi777 and I think one of the best COs on AW2 and DS is Olaf. So, what do you think of him?
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Advance Wars Fanfic Disscusion
Just a general chat of the best fanfics you think in the Advance Wars section.
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