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Armored Core Roleplay Post FA Era
A forum for, well, AC roleplay. Let's get this started, shall we? Note: NO FLAMES. The world is in ruins, the League is trying to pull itself together - and the ghost of ORCA still lurks...
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Requiem for Mankind
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Armored Core: Mankind Divided
I made this at a request of a friend, This Rp forum is experimenting with simulating the life of a Mercenary, called Ravens, in the Armored Core universe. For variety this is a crossover universe with all the Armored Core games in mind. So all parts across the Armored Core series are available. for varying prices
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The Ravens' Nest
Discuss about the game, the mech fighting mercenaries, and the ruling corporations from each series.
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Armored Core: Beta Trials
Come here to introduce yourself, chat, and basically anything with Armored Core!
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Post FA RP, ORCA path
Starting a RP based on the premise that ORCA has won, and humanity has taken mostly to space colonies.
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Armored Core: Justice
A call to those remaining NEXT pilots from the great Collared/ORCA war. Here we stand, at the brink of social and world-wide oblivion. The land is uninhabitable, the skies are filled with the Cradles and other structures, and it's about time we stand for
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Paladins of Steel
An RPG of of the size and scal e of mechwarrior and armored core. All are welcome to participate.....just adhere to a few rules every now and then.
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armored core: full circle
juat a place to post some updates
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Dark Raven Discussion and Feedback
Talk about it here
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Armored Core:Corporate Dawn
In the world of Armored Core 4, The world is ruled by Six major companies; Bernard and Felix Foundation, Eqbal, Global Armaments, Leonemecanica, Rayleonard, and Rosenthal. The world is changing and the companies are beginning to fight among theselves. Will you choose a path of riches forged in the blood of others? Or will you be the dawn of a new day, bringing change to those suffering under the companies rule. The Dawn of a new age is upon us and its up to you. Will you live threw the fall of today?
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