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Baten Kaitos Writing Challenges
Leave and take writing challenges for Baten Kaitos here
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The official Pairing forum! Sorry, no Spirits!
Is LadekhanxLyude better than KalasxMelodia? Why? Feel free to discuss anything and everything relating to the romantic aspect of Baten Kaitos. [Come in here with a Spirit pairing and we'll kill you. Slowly and painfully.]
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Anna's Pub
All BK-tards come here to relax and chill. Come in! Come in!
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Baten Kaitos RP
An rp taking place 20 years before origins. The empire did some experiments, but stopped and let them free. Unfortunately for them their secret test subjects got into the wrong hands, and OMG THE WORLD'S IN DANGER! NEVER COULD'VE GUESSED!
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Hidden Heart
For all fans of the elusive but caring individual that nobody knows much about. Everyone who's a fan of the spirit in Baten Kaitos come, unite with me! Venture deep within the hidden heart.
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WeAreIdiot Ninja Clan Unite!
Attention all WeAreIdiot Ninja Clan members! The forum is now up! Do you want to learn how to ninja poof? Gibari Sensei can show you how! One for all and all for cheesecurds!
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Things that just don't quite fit...
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