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batman arkam city rp
for anyone who wants to be in a batman rp here you go make your own charaters or take a batman character before you start you have to let me approve of your charecter sorry for bad spelling
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After The Clown's Demise: A Batman AAAC RP
Come join in the chaos of Gotham City's chaos. Will you help Harley Quinn keep the remains of her Puddin's empire? Try to take it for your own? Assisst Batman in keeping the peace? Simply try to survive? It's up to you, but only if you comeon down!
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Arkham City: The maddest place on Earth
Join Arkham City A.K.A The maddest place on Earth! Join this RP if you want to be part of that.
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Step Right Up, Arkhamites & Gothamites! A Batman Roleplay Begins Now!
Welcome, one and all, to Gotham City! Explore the crime-ridden streets if you dare! Though be wary of what lurks in the shadows, dear roleplayers. And do not venture into Arkham unless you're prepared to face the consequences. REBOOTED IN 2017! ACTIVE.
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Create your hero or villain and help or hinder the Dark-Knight.Or do your own adventure.From saving Gotham to fighting gang wars we got it all!Cursing allowed.
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Welcome to the Asylum! A Batman Arkham Asylum RP
Welcome to Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane! Make a hero or a villain and go along Batman's quest to free the asylum from Joker's twisted grasp!
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Batman Arkham AsylumCity RP
Come and join everyone's favourite villains and hero's, as you can take part in the Role-play.
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Batman: Arkham City, The RP
Set after the events of Arkham Asylum. Arkham City, is a super prison set in the sectioned off slums of Gotham. Inmates from Both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate are ready to kill eachother and whoever else in the crossfire. Will you join a gang?, Will you form one?, Or just go solo? Try to survive as you are now entering ARKHAM CITY.
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Harley Quinn vs Slade
Who would win in a fight Harley Quinn or Slade from the Teen Titans...we need your input...for the epic battle that would be here.
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Arkham Origins Roleplay
Come join the mayhem as we join our heroes (and villains) in a roleplay like no other! Play as your favorites or make your own, the possibilities are endless!
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Arkham City: Beyond the Bat
There is more to Arkham City than what the bat encounters.
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Batman Roleplay
A forum in which you get to role-play as any character you create or choose. Chaos has just broke out in Gotham, and now some of the city's most notorious and dangerous villains are loose in the streets and causing dilemma. And their leader Joker is on a role. What is he trying to prove to Batman this time? And most of all... how will you survive? Will you try to help the bat? Be a hostage trying to hang on to dear life? Or will something else happen? Find out here.
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Batman Arkham Asylum Ideas
I need ideas for my mstory
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Arkham Asylum Stories
Got story ideas you don't want to write yourself, or need to find a story to write? Hopefully you'll find it here!
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Batman: The Prototypes
The Seventh Sanctum Organization run anonymously by Joker has been secretly experimenting on people for years, trying to create the perfect soldiers. They developed a formula to give people powers and plan to make an army of super soldiers. And from 4 years of experimentation, we have the 9 individuals, each with their own unique power. Can Batman help save the Prototypes from becomming the ultimate invincible soldiers?
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Batman Arkham City: Reconstruction Discussion
General forum of Batman Arkham City: Reconstruction. Basically, this is a form to help gauge overall interest in the story, characters, and direction of the narrative. Feel free to leave some feedback in the topics, whether it be positive or negative. As well as things that you want to see further down in the story. Thanks!
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RWBY Arkham Writers
The congregation of all the RWBY and Batman Arkham fanfiction writers
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