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Battlefield 3: War Without End
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Battlefield 3: Road to War
It is a week after the nuclear strike on Paris, and despite Staff Sergeant Blackburn's efforts, tensions between America and Russia have risen to the point of all-out war. Are YOU ready to step up and fight for your country?
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Battlefield RP: WW3
The year is 2017. Pakistan has invaded and conquered the middle east. China and North Korea have joined forces with Pakistan and have started an invasion of mass proportion in Asia. America and Europe have declared war. Who will you fight for?
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A Battlefield RP
ever wanted to live Battlefield 2? Now is your chance!
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SotWit22ndCentury Community Forum
People of the C2 of Stories of the War in the 22nd Century, post ideas and plot-lines here. We'll work out the details via E-mail. Any one who wants to join in, feel free to.
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Let us not forget the game that started it all. Come on in for discussion of the classic World War 2 game.
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