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It's Bendy & the Ink Machine!
Welcome to Joey Drew Studios! Get yourself a cup o' joe and let's make some dreams happen already! [B&tIM RP. OC Friendly. Pre-game and during the game. WIP and a bit of an AU since some of the games' lore still in the shadows.]
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Screech Cult
For the believers who honour their saviour.
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Inside the Studio
Welcome to Joey Drew Studios, the abandoned hometown of Bendy the Dancing Demon. Ready to face all that's inside? Well, come and have the most thrilling ride of your life. There is one rule that we all respect on this ride: ABOVE ALL, FEAR THE MACHINE.
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Bendy and the Ink Machine
Drop on by and have some bacon soup!
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Bendy and The Story Machine
Welcome to the world beyond the Screen! Be prepared to tell stories of the fabled ink demon...
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BATIM theory group
This is forum soley for theorizing about Bendy and the ink machine. Inside we work together by giving peices of information from either game experience or the internet to try and make a full and clear story before chapter 5.
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