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Bioshock RPing, WON'T DIE
Hello and welcome to the most successful Bioshock RP forum on FanFiction. Why are we so successful? Why haven't we died like so many others? We take care of our forums. We ban the trolls, enforce the rules, and don't act like gods. And most of all, we listen to your ideas. Everyone can submit ideas for new RPs, new creatures, new weapons, new places, anything and everything. So come on in and enjoy!
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Whispers of Madness
The age of Rapture is long passed ended...The city nothing more than an empty husk, slowly decaying into nothingness. The City is crumbling into nothing, and the sane denizens left know the time to leave is now, less the once majestic city becomes their tomb...But what awaits above the sea? (Revamp of old RP, accepting new members.)
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Bioshock Infinite: The RP
Booker Dewitt is on a journey to find the girl known as Elizabeth, and bring her to New York unharmed. Take a canon character or make your own OC, and immerse yourself in the World of Columbia, the floating city above God, and help either rescue, or capture back, Elizabeth.
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Bioshock: Collection of Memories
In the world of Bioshock, anything is possible. From floating cities in the sky to the creation of Adam. Join our roleplay into Rapture and Columbia, would you kindly? Created because the others were dead.
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Rapture's Army
Talk about the game, share fun easter egg discoveries, or RP with others. Big Daddies welcomed, Splicer stay the H out...: just kiding.
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Sinclair's Deluxe Hotel
Make a character and roleplay with it in our hotel! Check into our wonderful five star hotel and see what happens! Also I changed the name to Sinclair's hotel because it makes more sense and Sinclair is my favorite character besides Jack. XD
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The Shadows of Rapture
While Sophia Lamb is running amuck in Rapture a shadowy person is trying to make an army of Splicers to invade the surface and take over the world, using Rapture as his base and capital city for when he does take over the world. Also at the same time having it slowly be rebuilt, while also trying to find a way to create synthetic ADAM to arm his soldiers with an endless supply of ADAM
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BioShock RP
Come here and RP in the Bioshock universe. OCs are welcomed and preferred.
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Bioshock 2 RP
Because i decided to not play the first one and just hear alot about it, then go play the 2nd one like a mad person, i want a RP about it!
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BioShock RP! 1 & 2
Just an RP for both BioShock games. All characters allowed!
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Bioshock RP
many of these but i wanted to create my own, i will be on everyday so my rp forum won't die i hope, anyone can join just make sure the characters aren't too powerful i don't want to have a talk with you about it. big sisters/big daddies/little sisters/spl
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Bioshock RP!
For all Bioshock fans, all welcomed! XD
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Bioshock:The Defiled Ones
This is an open Rp pretaning to a Rapture set in modern times, where technologies of old and new have colided.
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A Forum to chat about the game. Create your own plasmid. And design a Big Daddy.
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Living Beneath The Waves
Going back to where the Bioshock series began, we adventure to beneath the waves. Rapture, an oceanic utopia with a bright future, has crumbled to ruins, and her people have gone mad from addiction to the gene-altering substance ADAM. There are no laws in Rapture, and no morality. In the city where everyone is doomed, who can survive?
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Plasmid Paradiss
your fav plasmids and the ones that you would love to see in the next game.... hopefully
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Bioshock Infinite AU's (Spoilers Inside)
If anyone was unhappy about the Booker/ Elizabeth relationship, this is the place to be.
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Subject Delta & Elanor: Something more?
What is your opinion on Subject Delta and ELanor's relationship? Can they be husband and wife? Or are they both destined to forever be Rapture's Romeo and Juliet? Will their shared past lead them to a happier future? Or should Delta pay for his sins...
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Commercial for A Story
Come to This forum to advertise a story you wrote, that you want people to read. Must be Bioshock related
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Would You Kindly?
Come in, enjoy yourself, splice yourself, enjoy chats, rps and what not. Just don't take any adam.
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I Liked to see a Bioshock/Naruto Story. Where Naruto comes to Rapture at the same time as Bioshock 2 and helps Delta. And Naruto is paired with Eleanor.
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A forum for all things involving Bioshock wehter stories or the game itself
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I'm giving away my story.
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bioshock rp
hi im starting a new bio shock forum because every other one has died it seems so if you want you can join lets take this as far as we can if your experienced at making rps then i will make you a mod i could use all the help i can get
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BioShock - The Sea of Doors
Inspired by BioShick Infinite. In BioShock Infinite, there are holes in the world called Tears, it either can bring you to a new world or bring something from a different time and space. With new worlds, what if people from that world has a story? When a world opens, a new one opens as well. Each worlds are different and new, while others look familiar. A new world has a city of impossibilities, and a man that created it. Either explore Rapture, Columbia or make your own city for others to explore,
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