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Bionicle: Makuta's conquest of Earth
Makuta is hatching a plot to take the planet Earth as his own. The Order of Mata-Nui has managed to transport many Toa to Earth to foil Teridax's plot. This is now a private RP with Dragon Claw92.
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Here, you chat, role-play, and have fun with other BIONICLE fans.
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Bioncle RP
Listen my friends to the new legends of the Bioncle
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Unity, Duty, Destiny
Talk about Bionicle here. If it's about anything to do with Bionicle place it here.
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Battles of the Glatorian rp
On the world of Bara Manga new warriors are battling but evil forces are at work and now alliances are being made so come and create your own oc and rp
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Toa Empire RP
In a universe where Takanuva never came to help, the Toa Empire still rules with an armored fist. The Rebellion is rapidly losing hope. Will they defeat the Toa oppressors? Or will they never be free, ever again?
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The Big Huge Totally Awesome Bionicle RP
The new Bionicle RP thing since the only other one is dead....
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Random Alternicle notes from the brain of D.C.
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Link Between Worlds
Discussing implications of the real world interaction with that of Bionicle.
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Fiction Discussions
Want to suggest changes to a BIONICLE story? Want to ask for suggestions for your own BIONICLE fic? Look no further! This forum is for you.
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Bionicle Slash Forum
This is for anyone who wants to discuss Bionicle slash pairings. Please be respectful and don't instigate any flamewars, ect.
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Bionicle Fan
A Bionicle fan's chat room. Please make sure that all posts are appropriate for the ages of 10-16
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BIONICLE Roleplays
You wanna make a Bionicle rp? Join or make an RP.
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Bionicle manics
This one is where the bionicle fanatic can chill, chat, and have fun! We will talk about anything bionicle!
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Mata Nui Protect Us!
Discuss my story!
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Mask of RPs
Anyone who wants to join is allowed.
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DJ OMiY's Bionicle Forum
I like to think that I take an interesting approach to Bionicle but it is by no means solely my idea. I want to hear how I could make my Bionicle teen stories better. Flames are ignored.
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The Story Line of Bionicle Epics
If you have any questions or concerns with the Bionicle Epics storyline, post them here and I will try to answer them. If you don't know what I am talking about, please go read my story. Thank you.
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Happy Hour
After a long day at... where ever it is you go during the day, wouldn't it be great just to sit down, relax and enjoy your dinner? I sound like a commercial!
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Bionilce: Kora saga
Comes see the world of Bionicle
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Prompts and Challenges
Having a bad writers block? Have a challenge or prompt you want to get out there? Come here for muses! Created 'cause there doesn't seem to be a forum for this stuff.
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New and Old
Hi guys, I haven't been on this site for quite some time. Is there anything new i should know about? are they're still people who remember my name?
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