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BlazBlue RP
Since the BlazBlue RPs I've checked out are pretty much dead at the moment, I figured I could make my own. Make your own OC or play as one of the canons.
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Novus Orbis Librarium
Based on the organization of the same name, this forum is a place to discuss the players of the once-eternal stage and the history of their universe, from the Dark War to the final interlude! Online matters are also welcome here!
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Blazblue Rpness
It has been a few years since the continuum shift.What happens when hazama comes back to do it again?Create OOCs and the original characters in the story.Anyone is welcome to join!:3
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Blazblue: Critical Remembrance
This story takes place a couple weeks after the ending of Centralfiction. Ragna the Bloodedge made the ultimate sacrifice to erase himself completely from everyone's memories, after defeating Yuuki Terumi once and for all. All seemed at peace in the world, but as usual this peace will eventually be broken. Come join the rp! You can use your OCs or rp as Canon characters.
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From the Ashes we Rise
A continuing forum from the forum of renowned author for blazblue and many others, resoleon. We await your return to usand shall continue our tight knit group until you come back. Anyone is welcome as long as you do not flame and/or troll our members. That will not be tolerated in the least
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Blazblue Roleplay
The world of blazblue is always changing...and this time, you can help influence the continuim shift here! Please look for some fun BB RP starting off in the time of the beginning of CT!
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Spectacles of Eros Forum (Private)
Me and a friend team up to bang all the babes in Blazblue, using the Spectacles of Eros as our tool!
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I Forgot the Title
A forum that revolves around guilty gear and Blazblue. Practice for LegnaResoleon s tournaments is held here!
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Blazblue RP Forum
In the Hierarchical Cities lies your story, yet to be told. Take the first step and start your tale. Let the wheel of fate turn again!
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Blazblue future RP
Taking place on the year 2500 the world is never truly safe even if Ragna saved it once evil always lurks
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Blazblue: Brotherhood
A mysterious organization 'the Brotherhood' recently surfaced with one objective: to complete Project Izanagi. How will you stop The Brotherhood from completing the Project? Or will you join them and see Project Izanagi become a reality? I'm new at creating RP forums so any helpful tips and advice would be appreciated. It is active.
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Something I just Made On A Whim And Haven't Named Yet
A general BlazBlue board. Because why not.
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The EPIC Blazblue Roleplay
This forum is welcome to all Roleplayers, gamers, and Blazblue players alike. Roleplay, meet other wiriters and have fun.
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Blazblue Roleplay Forum
The Wheel of Fate is Turning! Rebel 1...Action! And this time, you can help influence the Blazblue story starting at the beginning of Calamity Trigger! Make your own OC or play as one of the characters.
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Why aren't there anymore BlazBlue crossovers?
We all talk about BlazBlue crossover ideas and discuss if we could make stories.
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The Story Of Ragna And The Destructive Seven
What if Ragna was the Son of Sakura Haruno and to be hunted down by a group called "The Destructive Seven"
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BlazBlue Discussion Group
Just a forum for those that like to talk about BlazBlue and where we can discuss the game and story developments. Other games sometimes discussed.
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