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Bloodborne: Beyond Yharnam (1 out of 7 Positions filled)
After the Healing Church gained power, they took the next logical step; to send missionaries to spread their influence and power. Doing so has only lead to the discovery of more Pnumarian Tombs and the spread of beasts. Join Now to be part of the Hunters, who seek to save these towns while they still have a chance.
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Bloodborne: The Nightmare Hunt
An entire country, drawn into the nightmare. The Hunter's Dream is now reality, and the nameless things have awakened. Fear the new gods, fear the old blood and hunt your fears.
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Under the Pale blood Moon
A place to Roleplay, talk about the game, and generally have fun, all are welcome!
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Bloodborne:City of Nightmares
Yharnam is left to rebuild after the bloodiest hunt in its history. In its time of need hunters from around the world have appeared to assist in the reconstruction and to prevent another event like The Blood Moon from happening again. First they have to piece together what happened. The mystery of the Second Great Hunt, as it is being called. It will be difficult, for it seems that some beasts don't slumber for long.
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Hunters of the Nightmare
The new age of the nightmare has started, new enemies has begun to pop up into the world that is yharnam and it is up to the new generation of Hunters to stop this Hunt. Will they prevail, or will they succumb to the blood of the hunt?
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Occultarum Britannica - A Victorian Roleplay
Inspired by the likes of Bloodborne, Vampyr and Pathologic to some extent, Occultarum Britannica is a custom Victorian-styled roleplay taking place in a fictional London where the supernatural blend with the natural, whether seamlessly or not.
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Inspired by Bloodborne and Attack On Titan, birthed this discussion page. Basically Just thinking of what either side could add to the other. More chaos, yes, but with twists that I think will leave you wanting.
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