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Blue Dragon: Roleplay
"And what use will we have for it in a time of peace?" It has been a year since Nene and Destroy have been defeated, and peace restored to the planet, however, this peace has riled up the five shadow users who have began to grow restless and wish for something to happen. What will happen is up to you, the roleplayer. Will you create your own character and work with benevolent forces? Or go rogue and work against order? Will you become one of the five wielders? Well, join and see.
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Café Jibral
Welcome, weary traveler! Pull up a chair, place an order if you like, and perhaps strike up a bit of conversation with your fellow customers. The roads are dangerous these days, but you can always be at ease here at Café Jibral! *NOW OPEN*
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character creator
create your own blue dragon characters
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Blue Dragon: Resurrected Shadows
Centuries after the New World was created, The People of the New World learned how to use Magic once more. Many People have Magical Shadows, The Journey of Shu and his Friends is merely a legend now, but, people know it's true. (What Happened after the Ancient BioMechanical Warrior was Defeated? Did Jiro and Kluke get together? Or Did Shu and Kluke get together? And what about Zola and King Jibral? Marumaro? Find out inside.)
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Let's talk Blue Dragon
It's in the title luv ;-) So, what are you waiting for? Let's all talk Blue Dragon now, shall we?
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