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Borderlands 2 RP! Vault Hunters Wanted
Pandora's changed. Hyperion has taken over. And a new Vault has been discovered. Create a character and start an epic tale of mind blasting proportions! Be a Vault Hunter, a Bandit, or any other faction you want!
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Borderlands Talk
A place where nerds can talk to their fellow nerds about Borderlands 1 and 2
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Pandora Shenanigans
Welcome to the wonderful world of Pandora... Let's create some chaos! Please read the rules c: (CLOSED)
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Open Pandora's Box
Vault Hunting. It's always good fun, and adventures are in abundance. But, what happens when there's more than just four hunters? What insanity and hilarity ensues? Well, you'll just have to Open Pandora's Box to find out.
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Borderlands AU RP
Welcome to Pandora! Here, if it breathes it wants you dead! If it doesn't breathe, it wants you dead! Come join us on a quest to find the vault! [Under construction.] [Different Plotline from the games]
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Borderlands: The infinite universe!
The story takes place after Borderlands 2, having a glimpse at the new vaults had finally opened the eyes of the vault hunters, upon departuring within a shuttle towards the new world they stumble upon new vault hunters, but will this new expedition put them between a rock and a hard place? Well come and find out! Vault hunters wanted! (Basically i need some role players .)
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Role playing in Pandora!
Well, since the other one was "dis-continued" I'm startiing a new one! jump in any time, but be sure to explain what your character looks like! And please, don't kill anyone?
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Borderlands 3: new vault hunters
A New vault has been found on the Planet Vasquez. This means A call for new vault hunters to make their way to fame and glory.
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Borderlands Roleplay (Already Accepted Characters)
This forum is a roleplay with only characters that are accepted. To be accepted go to the topic "New RPers OC". Input your character sheet and I will accept you. If you wish to be one of the original Vault Hunters you can however; you need to still fill out a character sheet and you need to fill out a bio/history. Let the games begin.
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4 years after the fall of Helios, and Pandora is still in turmoil. The Crimson Raiders now own Opportunity, renaming it to Crimson City. Sanctuary still floats as a platform of war in the sky, and Atlas has risen from it's grave. In this time of war, new Vault Hunters will rise, and fight to open the most legendary vault of them all: The Vault Of The Master.
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Borderlands 2 RP
A Borderlands 2 RP. Make your character and hunt down the Vault and Handsome Jack.
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A new RP, since the other doesn't seem to be accepting... make your own or grab a canon!
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Borderlands: Crossing the line - An RP!
A fresh new RP for anyone who wants to join a Borderlands RP, but doesn't want to get tossed into those really big forums. :) Please do make your own character, or pick one of the old canon ones. This RP takes place after the events of Borderlands 2 so the second set of Vault Hunters are around. Also, the first Vault Hunters are still around too. I'd prefer if there wasn't too many Vault Hunters, thanks! But if you still want to make a Vault Hunter I'm fine with it.
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Borderlands A New Journey
Welcome to Retribution. The Mission eliminate Handsome Jack and link up with the Crimson Raiders
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The vault wars
With hyperion crippled, handsome jack presumned dead, and the major vault hunters setting up in sanctuary, the major gun corperations are on the move to hunt for more vaults. Who do they turn to but the ones responsible for opening three vaults. DAHL, Maliwan, Vladof, S&S Munitions, Tediore, Jakobs, Torgue, and more, are trying desperatly to get their hands on information regarding the vaults. Desperate people can do drastic things. Pandora ain't so big anymore.
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Borderlands AU
Borderlands rp! Vault hunters welcome! Please no spoilers for BL3, I've just started playing.
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Borderlands- another enemy (REBOOT)
“The Sinclair dynasty has landed on Pandora and caused more chaos than Jack has ever done. Apparently they have a vault in the Sinclair mansion, might be interesting? Anyway one of their kids, Zacheriah Sinclair is said to be the devil of Pandora, woah don’t wanna mess with him! You also have the crazy Kaliptos and the children of the vault going to fill Jacks shoes. Anyway get off my bus!”
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Welcome Vault Hunters Too Your Doom! (Nothing Personal)
Welcome, Vault Hunters, to Pandora. New Vaults are showing up, and all the loot is up for grabs for the people able to open them. Oh yeah, one problem... Handsome Jack... You can be a Vault Hunter, a bandit, or part of any faction here!
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Borderlands crimson raiders Roleplay
You are a Crimson raider vault hunter sent to the newly discovered planets to find all the new loot or new dangers
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Boderlands Factions
After the fall of Hyperion the other corporations saw their chance to take the planet. Many stepped in to take it but only the largest corporations gained territory, these included Jakobs, Tediore, Torgue, Maliwan, Vladolf, Dahl, And a new Company by the Name of Crystal. Those are some of the factions, but "Bandit factions" are still around, Examples of which are the Rippers, Bloodshots, Zaphards(sorry if I spelled this wrong), and Crimson Raiders. All of the Factions Are at war, but which shall prevail.
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Zer0: The Unknown Assassin
I do not own the cover art. I just found it on Google. I also don't own the Borderlands series. All credit goes to 2K.
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