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Brave Frontier: Roleplay
For those who seeks and dreams a wild adventure, come! We shall be the ones who'll make it come true...or not, anyways, come here if you have some free time!
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The New Frontier
Come one! Come all! Join us as we embark on adventures, some short, some long. What will happen? Why, it's all decided upon by you! So come on and visit when you have some time, here, on the New Frontier!
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Brave Frontier Contests!
Create fun and interactive contests pertaining to the internationally famous RPG game Brave Frontier! You can host a contest and be a participant of any contest, so feel free to join!
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Infinite Frontier
For too many years, the Randall Empire was on the back foot, reacting to threats, rather than preventing them. The rest of the world is bigger than us. Stronger than us. We were like mice, hiding in the shadows; hoping the gods and demons would not see us. No more. the Randall is no longer on the defense. We ARE the giants now. So let us join arms, Summoners of Akras and the Army alike, Guild Masters, Raiders, Vortex adventurers, and fighters of the Arena. We shall deliver retribution to our enemies beyond.
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Legend of the Gates - Mark's hideout
All the technical stuff in FE: Legend of the gates goes here aka promotions, formations, supports, choices on who to kill off and stuff. Also chat away if you want.
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