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Final Fantasy: Crystal Braves
Inspired by the worlds of Final Fantasy, take part in an original adventure to save the world of Lux from a powerful evil not known to the world. By traveling with your interesting friends as a team, mastering the powers you slowly discover, and discovering who you are on the way, will this mission mean more than meets the eye? Can you discover the evil plot and stop it in time?
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Bravely Default: The Role-play
We know this game, we know how repetitive it can get. But who says it needs to stay that way? Make an OC and guide our heroes through a different Luxendarc then what they know. We can completely change the story and it's up to you how we do it. There are so many other options as well! We could tell the story of another set of heroes that airy tricked before ours. We could guide the heroes on different quests and disasters besides the ones they've repeated. So the question is, what are you waiting for?
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