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Call of Duty Rps
Since most of the other forums are dead, I made this one. Here you can play in Modern Times or WWII
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Call Of Duty: We are the Real Heroes of Task Force 141
This features Original and fan made characters. We give stories new boundaries and rewrite history in epic sequences of violence, Romance, Betrayal, Redemption, Power, Life and Death, Grief, Desperation, Hope, Happiness, and Emotion, all centered around the Call Of Duty universe. So JOIN THE FUN!
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The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
WWIII ended officially three months ago. However, leftover forces are still duking it out. That's where we come in. We are Ghost Squad, named honoring the fallen SAS soldier. We run into the firestorm. We remain hidden. We get the job done. We fight what you fear.
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MW RP Fun Corner
RP for the MW series, duh. There are absolutely no active RPs for MW as far as I can tell, so here you go kids. Featuring the 141, the US Army Rangers, Delta Force, the Australians (yeah, that's right), the best spec-ops the world has to offer, the worst operators said spec-ops has to offer, and (gasp) THE RUSSIANS! UPDATE: Now also doing WW2 and Advanced Warfare. Go wild.
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Call Of Duty Roleplays
Come join the Call of Duty verse, where you can take part in the different eras and timelines of the game. Included in this RP; Zombies and Extinction...
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The Forgotten ones
This is for those who've been betrayed,for those thought dead,for those forgotten!Modern Warfare 2 RP
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Between Heaven and Hell
The 141, much more than the games, this is the reality of the situation, You were selected for your ability to survive and to lay out punishment. Show the world why the 141 is the Task force to fear. Show the world why we fight. (We are currently open and looking for new members)
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COD Zombies Talk
Just talking about zombies. Console, Ipod, or DS. World at War or Black Ops. It doesn't matter. Just as long as its about zombies. Rp inside too.
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War-torn Planet
An RP forum based around past, present, future wars.
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Call of Duty:Aftermath
It's been three years after the end of WWIII, and both Russia and the US couldn't have a better relationship than it is now. It would seem that life is how it should be,no more battles or wars to fight. However, not all that glitters is gold sullen followers of Makarov has been attempting to reform and finish what he has started.
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Call of Duty:Renegades
Fight to clear your name.Fight for Justice.Fight for freedom.Fight for honor.You have weapons and gear.You have the training.You have the team.Clear your name and stop a vast Terrorist organization.Only one question remains.Do you hear the CALL OF DUTY?
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1on1 MW2 RP, Anybody?
Does anybody want to RP CoD: MW2 with me? I'll be using my OC, who doubles as my RPC, and I'll post her info below.
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A New War, A New Beginning: Modern Warfare 4
The war on Makarov has ended, but the war on an even greater enemy has just begun. From all corners of the globe a group is drawn together to form the most deadly team of warriors known to man- Task Force 142. The silent, the strong, the brave, and the wronged, all come together to fight this new enemy. Only what they don't know is they have a traitor in their midst...
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Call of Duty Modern Warefare: Dawn of the Dead (Roleplay)
(Takes place after Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ending) After Captain Price and his team manage to kill the terrorist Zachaev in their previous mission, Soap is hospitalized due to previous injuries, and Price and his team return to base. Having already recovered from their injuries, Price and his team members attempt a terrorist apprehension mission on a brutal Russian terrorist, who may have had close connections with Zachaev. But when they arrive, they discover a foe far more menacing then terrorists..
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End of the World 1945
August, 1945. The bombs have dropped but the Axis have now resorted to their last-ditch weapon, a chemical called Element 115, turning millions into flesh-eating undead. Join us as survivors of all nations join to fight one common enemy; zombies.
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Rp the zombie maps.
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Extinction: The Samantha Cross Files
Join the search for Samantha Cross. Make your character and fight it out with the Cryptids for the survival of humanity.
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Call of Duty RP
Yes, yes, another one lol
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RP as a solider or a survivor aginst the Zombie horde.
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Call of duty fans unite!(Roleplay)
This is the place to play your favorite call of duty characters or OC! Have fun!
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Wir sind die J├Ąger
Atlas is finished. With Irons dead, the entire PMC has come to ruin. The Sentinels now stand as the saviors of the world. But with pockets of resistance remaining, the new Task Force Hound will track them down and bay them from their burrows.
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Talk about anything Call of Duty related here.
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Within the Trust
The Trust is a secretive unit of soldiers, founded during the Cold War, and originally used against the Soviets in acts of espionage and sabotage. They answer to no laws and will do whatever it takes to save their country.
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The Ghosts We Are
Years after an attack which nearly destroyed America, an undercover team still exists. Operating inside the country and out, they will rewrite history in epic sequences of violence, romance, betrayal, redemption, power, life death, grief, desperation, and hope. The Ghosts, much more than the stories, this is the reality of the situation, They were selected for their ability to survive and to lay out punishment. Show the world why they are the force to fear. Show the world why they fight.
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Call of Duty Zombies Role Playing
You are a survivor. One of the few privileged souls to survive the recent disasters to ravage earth. After the missiles hit, the undead thrived, feasting on the charred bodies of those not so lucky. Your goal is to survive, as well as socialize in your downtime., in order to complete the final plan, in the favor of either Richthofen, or Dr. Maxis. The forum's story will begin in the USA
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