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Hiding from the Light
Because I love Castlevania and because I felt sorry that it had no forums! Come one, come all! Discuss all things related to Castlevania: fav characters, storylines, ships, all! Even discuss some fanfics! Please keep to the rules, though!
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Castlevania: Return of Darkness
Dracula's castle has risen once again, and the Belmonts are mysteriously absent. In their place, new hunters have arrived, ready to combat the new iteration of this eternal threat. Now accepting characters!
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Castlevania RP
RP through Dracula's castle and forests to destroy or become the evil you seek out.
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Dawn of Sorrow
Let's talk about Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow shall we?
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Judging Judgment
The players' reactions to Castlevania: Judgment.
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Castlevania Crossover Forum
This is a forum for anyone who has ideas for a Castlevania Crossover, share them with your fellow fans and show everyone your wonderful ideas!
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CastleVania: light Breed!
It's my first fanfic! yay! okay the story is about a young girl, that has powers beyond your mind,better summery inside. pluse I'm new to this...
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The Castlevania Judgment Discussion Forum
Talk about the totally unpredictable fighting title from Konami. From players and fans reactions, to just about anything in general, or even create your very own character!
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