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Club Penguin RP and more!
Introduce your penguin on CP or write a one-shot for the challenge or even just chat and give hints for in-game play. Enjoy!
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Club Penguin OC RPG
My first Club Penguin forum. It's why I'm called Cpfan28696!
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My Life In Club Penguin OCs
Share your Club Penguin penguin names here! Give a description and don't worry, you don't have to give the password if you're a member of Club Penguin! If you want, I'll use your penguin in a story!
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Rico-ing RP
Put yourself in my place...or my squad's...
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club penuin
to become a mod or owner give me a working club penguin code or make me a sonic the hedgehog,toontown,or club penguin story.
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pirates of club penguin
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Animal Jam x Club Penguin
Club Penguin and Animal Jam meet? What will happen?
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Am I the only one?
Am I the only one who plays this?My user is Reagan33616...
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Christianity in CP Roleplay
Icetail had a great idea of making a Fanfiction based off of Christianity in Club Penguin. I think it would be a good influence on certain penguins. Feel free to add your ideas. Me and Icetail are somewhat partners on this.
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