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Red Geass: idea's, requests and sneak peaks
a thread for those who are reading Red Geass and have questions and requests for me. and here i shall reply and answer those questions and answers. but also ask my readers questions about how they are enjoying the story as well as who their favourite character is. as well as some other stuff.
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Command and Conquer: Fanfiction Ideas
Expound on your ideas, complaints and dreams of C&C Fanfiction. Tiberian series, Red Alert series, Generals series, all are welcome as long as civility reigns. Come one, come all!
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general Discussions
Discuss things related to Command & Conquer including new units for stories etc.
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cnc and transformers
if u want acnc transformer x over put your naame here
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Disney Frozen meet Command & Conquer
Are anybody make a crossover between Command & Conquer (any universes) and Disney Frozen? If yes, PM me the story. If not, try to make one. (You can also contains Green Day punk rock band to the story.)
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