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Corpse Party: Blood Stained Wonderland II
Heavenly Host..It's like a wonderland..A wonderland covered in red and full of "wonders". Ruled by the insane queen of red. OCs Only! This is V2 of the original forum.
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Corpse Party Roleplay
Even the most harmless of things can lead to certain death. Will you be overcome by insanity, or will you live? Remember, curiousity killed the cat - I mean the human.
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Corpse Party: Blood Stained Wonderland III
Heavenly Host..It's like a wonderland..A wonderland covered in red and full of "wonders". Ruled by the insane queen of red. OCs Only! This is V3 of the original forum.
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Corpse Party - Role Play
Role play as your own student OC in the dimension known as, Heavenly Host. Challenge yourself as you make, right AND wrong choices as to what your character would do at times that death, is quite possible. Learn the truth and escape with your lives and don't forget... DON'T DIE! Encounter other OC's as you and your friends try their best to escape, and watch out for ghost children as they will appear at RANDOM times, making the heat rise as you try to figure out HOW to live at moments of death.
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Corpse Party: Never Ending Nightmare
The nightmare of the school will never end no matter how hard you pinch yourself. Sachiko will have you killed unless you are the greatly blessed soul destined to make it out of the rotting hell of Heavenly Host. You were unwise to do the charm now you will die without hope.
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Corpse Party RP
Do you dare to venture into the depths of Heaven Host Academy? OC and self inserts welcome!
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Corpse Party Roleplay
Welcome to heavenly host elementary. Experience the horrors of this cursed place. Escape is near impossible, so if you dare try, beware the wrath of the school and the ghosts inhabiting it.
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Corpse Party RP: The Serial Killers of Kamiri High
This may not be Heavenly Host Elementary school, but every school has their horrors. There are other curses, other demonic ghostly powers haunting the realm of the dead. Heavenly Host was just one of many, and now many around the globe have been disappearing. To a dark realm as the ancient Kamiri High, who had 10 teachers, and one hundred students murdered by escaped psychotic killers forty years ago. Or was that all the story? Well one group of friends may unlock the mystery of this school and find a way o
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Corpse Party:The adventure of Yuu and Senjin
This is the story of the two student,who will journey throught the evil hallway.Take place the same timeline as the corpse party,except with a few twist,like boss fight and monster figth.
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Corpse Party RP
It's an RP do I need to explain further?
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Mad Hatter
If Heavenly Host is a twisted wonderland then she's the Mad Hatter, and this..this is her bloody playground. OCS Only!
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Yoshitoshi Forum (CORPSE PARTY)
This is a forum for people who love Yoshiki/Satoshi or otherwise known as YOSHITOSHI. Feel free to find others who love those two dorks together! Role playing is allowed but be sure to use the separate threads!
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We love Seiko and Naomi
Hi everyone I thought I would make this Forum dedicated to all of us who love Seiko and Naomi couple, and it can be anything really that you wish to talk about from what you hope will happen in the games or to even Stories that you would like to see others do, some come and talk about a sweet friendship that we all hope that will turn into love.
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Corpse Party: The Beginning
Corpse Party roleplay forum. Take part in a deadly game of chase, hide and seek, and fetch as YOU explore a haunted school with shadows and paranormal activity seemingly around every corner. OC and Canon friendly.
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