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DRAMAtical Murder
This rp is set after the events of the game/anime/manga. Ren now lives in Sei, Koujaku and Mink no longer wish to die, Clear is alive, Noiz and Aoba had went to Germany but have moved back as they missed their (boy)friends and Aoba has finally acknowledged Sly's existence and and accepted him and can better use Scrap. Now all they have to do is stop Toue once and for all. Ocs welcome!
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DRAMAtical Murder ドラマティカル マーダー RP forum
Because I know there are other RPers out there and we seriously need a forum here...I decided to make one. Feel free to drop by any time and start a few RPs of your own; everything and everyone is welcome. Find a partner today and RP away!
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Dramatical Murder RP
This is a Role Play for DMMD and will take place somewhere after both games.
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Dmmd RP
this is a chat for fun dmmd RP! No bullying. No spamming. No mature content. No mention of rape or suicide. No flashing gifs. No jokes about mental illness or disorders. KEEP CUSSING TO A MINIMUM.(dont put a curse word in ever thing you say. and try not to at all or you will be kicked)
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