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DDR Characters
A forum to discuss the actual characters in the game and how they should act in fanfiction. Or a forum just to say how awesome they are. :D Feel free to advertise those fics!
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The DDR Authors Writing Forum
People who write stories based on their favorite Dance Dance Revolution arcade and home version games and viewed with stories around the world.
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Falling Apart's Official Forum!
This is the official forum for my fanfiction, Falling Apart. Talk about Brendan, Lily, Wayne and everyone else! Tell me what you think and I'll update HERE whenever I'm not able to update or when I'm stuck like now.
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DDR Stories
Here you can tell about your stories of DDR, like some guy rippin stuff up at DDR at a con, or how you and your friends play shirtless in your basement, e.t.c. Or you can just tell us about your favorite song.
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