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Final Dangan Manor: Towering Despair
With the mastermind still alive and now in Despair HQ, The FUture FOundation prepares to take SHSL Despair down for the last time. Adventure/Puzzle RP. OPEN!
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Future of Despair- The Adult Life of Mutual Killing
In a place meant for the preservation of mankind 16 former students find themselves caught up in twisted game of life or death. Surviving this game is not a guarantee for even the most resourceful of players. (Submissions Closed) (Hardcore Rp - No Resets)
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Dangan AUs!
A collection of DR AU RPs, ranging from crossovers, to fantasy, to school life and romance. OC and cannon character RPers welcome, always open.
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From the Light to the Dark
Hope and Despair, the Light and the Dark. Which will prevail? Especially in a hopeless life here in this school...? After all, their lives are just gonna get more interesting. After all, this is Hopes Peak Academy!...right?[Complete! Thanks for playing!]
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Dangan Ronpa: Killing In Academia
Students arrive to attend the highly esteemed school, Northern Lights Academy for Rising Stars, only to find out that instead of the simple school in their brochures, it is actually a school on a man-made island. A school city. Who will make it out alive? Who will die? Only time can tell.
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Psycho-effects: The Butterfly Effect of Despair
After "The Future project" and "The Tragedy" Where the whole world had been purified by hope and the Future foundation. In certain century the whole world turns to a futuristic lifestyle; A brand new Hope's Peak Academy has been build by its new Headmaster. Inside of that prestigious school are full of well-talented high school students and reserve course students. [Inactive-DEAD] [Tsukiko Tsukino and Reiji Koushiro Survived]
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A Fairytale of Crimson Roses
Once upon a time.. Or so a sweet story starts. A story filled with fair maidens and magic. A happily ever after for all! One can dream, correct? But this time.. This will start with a 'The End' .
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Danganronpa: One For The Money
Drakewood Manor, a magnificent and opulent mansion located in a dense thicket where the moon shines bright. Inside...a diabolical game of death and despair is taking place. Students, ripped from their schools and different corners of the world...have congregated to take part in a terrible game. Will they survive their grizzly host? Haha. Get it? [COMPLETE]
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Dangan Ronpa: Heaven's Requiem
Sixteen students find themselves awake on the golden shores of Sanctuary Island, a place where hope flourishes. Operating under the pretenses of a vacation won by their own merit, these ultimate students each excel in a certain division of talent, be it scholastic or holistic. However, nothing is truly safe from hope's rival, despair. When a monochromatic bear and his lackeys arrive on the island, the situation grows hostile, with the students being forced to adapt to survive. [COMPLETE]
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Danganronpa: Future of Despair
Meet the new Class at Brave Crimson Academy.
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Welcome to MonoInu-World
Welcome one and all to the amazing MonoInu-World. Enjoy yourselves by riding rides, enjoying the circus, and much much more. After a day at our park relax in your complimentary room in our 5-star hotel where you will live the rest of your life. [18/18 Slots Taken ] Sign ups closed
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Dangan Ronpa: Clockwork Whispers
Sixteen students are invited to attend the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy. With a talented student body and extremely high graduation rate, attendance at this academy almost guarantees success in one's future. This year however, the students awaken in a place far from where they are supposed to be... [TIME BASED RP - FINISHED]
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The Seven Seas of Hope and Despair
22 students are invited to go on a trip on the S.S. Stella Polaris, a place where they can study and have fun throughout the year! What could POSSIBLY go wrong? [RP invite only!]
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Dangan Ronpa RP: America's Hope for Despair
As Despair flows to America, 16 students wake up to what seems to be hell on earth. Being trapped on Optimism High School, you can either kill or stay there forever. CLOSED!
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Dangan Ronpa: Follower's Fate
A game like none other, played off as some laughing matter. During Hope's Peak Academy's unfortunate closure, it's but the duty of its sister school to take in another class. Riddled with tricks and twists, the class' survival becomes but a mere uncertainty. [RP - SLOTS FULL - SIGN UPS PENDING]
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Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and Forum of Despair
Welcome to Hope Peak's Academy, where graduating guarantees success. Fifteen students from various walks of super-high school level talent have gathered here for what they believe is a career-defining education. But they're wrong...and they don't know that they're about to be consumed by despair...but can hope shine through in a place where so little remains? [COMPLETE]
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In The Pines
It's been ten years since the fall of mankind. Despair's forces destroyed all hope, as most of the Earth has been thrown into martial law, changing the world as we know it. Survivors and resistance hide in fear, fear of Despair. Twenty students from Flying Stars High School do the same... but fail. The students are taken into a forest, fighting for their life, just to survive... [Forest Survival Danganronpa RP] [RP Closed - Finished] [Sequel to LDC]
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Welcome to Las Despair City
Welcome, welcome! Welcome to Las Despair City! The one and only city of true despair, fun, lights, and lovely tourist attractions! Come sit by the lake, and take in the amazing view of the water! Maybe the urban streets of the city is more your sty- sorry, what's that? You're not a tourist? You want to leave? But why would you ever want that? Isn't it great here? Sure, maybe all your friends are dead, but you can't let that get you down! [RP Closed - Finished]
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Dangan Ronpa: Malicious Difficulty
This is not your average, casual murder mystery game. The difficulty has been turned up, and now the innocents must fight even harder to stay alive. Can you pinpoint the culprits who hide among your friends?
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Dangan Ronpa: Entrant's Mark
Every hundred years or so, a group of children are born with a distinctive mark on their backs, marking them as participants in the next tournament of the century: The Renewal. [ENDED]
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Deluge of Despair
Deluge of Despair is filmed before a live studio audience. The catch is, none of them are particularly willing to help you escape what appears to be a sinking submarine, and to make matters worse, your audience consists of the lunatic who brought you here in the first place and that god-awful shark. (Submissions Closed! 16/16)
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Hopeless State of Change
Just as the remarkable day arrives, the first day at Hope's Peak Academy, a single class of students find themselves within a bizarre village, with what you commoners may call "magic" behind the foundation of this independent haven buried in the woods. But haven no more it is, as the students find themselves trapped inside with only one cruel way out. [RP CLOSED]
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Dangan Ronpa RP: The Despair to Fuel all Wars
November 10th 1943. World War II has gripped Europe into a conflict of woe and demise, with countless live perishing before the battle front...and the home front. In the hope to form peace, a union amongst the shadow governments of Europe forms a treaty council in Switzerland to be headed by 16 teenage prodigies to create a plan to bring peace to the world. A change of tracks however, is all it takes to shift the prodigies in an all too real and all too despairing world of mutual killing.
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Intentions for Heaven
That's all that was intended; Heaven on Earth. But with every day, such an idea simply seems to fade away. [RP Closed]
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Danganronpa: Battle Against Despair
Walk forward unto Hope? Or sink into Despair? What will be your choice? Is the choice even yours to make? Find out by joining the 79th class of Hope's Peak! (OC slots filled) (WE HAVE RESUMED!)
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