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Final Dangan Manor: Towering Despair
With the mastermind still alive and now in Despair HQ, The FUture FOundation prepares to take SHSL Despair down for the last time. Adventure/Puzzle RP. OPEN!
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Danganronpa: Future of Despair
Meet the new Class at Brave Crimson Academy.
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Dangan Ronpa RP: America's Hope for Despair
As Despair flows to America, 16 students wake up to what seems to be hell on earth. Being trapped on Optimism High School, you can either kill or stay there forever. CLOSED!
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Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and Forum of Despair
Welcome to Hope Peak's Academy, where graduating guarantees success. Fifteen students from various walks of super-high school level talent have gathered here for what they believe is a career-defining education. But they're wrong...and they don't know that they're about to be consumed by despair...but can hope shine through in a place where so little remains?
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Dangan Ronpa: Malicious Difficulty
This is not your average, casual murder mystery game. The difficulty has been turned up, and now the innocents must fight even harder to stay alive. Can you pinpoint the culprits who hide among your friends?
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Dangan Ronpa: Welcome to the Cruise Ship Paradise of Hope and Despair!
Welcome! Welcome! Come aboard! A paradise cruise ship where the most talented teens from all over come to study! A place of relaxation and paradise !
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New Hope Academy's School Life of Despair
In New York there is a school known as New Hope Academy, a western sister school to the one in Japan. However, if everything from the Eastern version is reflected on New Hope, then the new students may be in danger...and by the time they wake up in the locked down school, it's already too late. CLOSED
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Return to Despair
Its the day of the Class 24 reunion. The sixteen former students, now adults, return to Sky High Academy, were they graduated from 10 years ago. It should of been fun for all, and a great time seeing old friends, but something is wrong, the place is empty and now the unlucky adults are trapped by a maniac bear, who wants them to kill.
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The Floating City
Hope's Peak has risen from its ashes, thriving in creating new hope. Though unfortunately, it seems as that our little school is doomed to repeat its history. With hundreds of students each year, only a few graduate, coming out twisted and disturbed. Though many theories are made, all are so far from the truth that the only way to know what really is happening is to step inside for yourself. RP Closed
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Dangan Ronpa Roleplay-NO LONGER ACCEPTING
Make an oc and stuff you know the drill yeehaw
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Hello Hope
Sequel to "Return to Despair". A group of 16 students from Sky High Academy find themselves in a strange new place, that is not the school. With a strange host holding them there, will the students survive. OPEN
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The Future Foundation
There's more to Monoworld than those trapped in the School Life of Mutual Killing- there are those desperate to stop it. Rehab for those who gave into despair, a base of operations for those who still fight for hope and a better tomorrow, and a safe haven for those who survived their lives of mutual killing. You can find it all at the Future Foundation.
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Golden Gate Academy
A new academy was created for the rich, or well at least the famous children. An esteemed school catering to the wealthy for many years with an exception created for some children. Suddenly the beautiful golden academy becomes a death trap by Monokuma. So with 18 children, will anyone live until the end? - SYOC Closed
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Dangan Ronpa Roleplay
I shall warn you in advance that you should not expect any kindness in this RP, any solace or happiness, anything but shattered existences wrought with despair. That is because I am a bear. [INVITE ONLY]
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Danganronpa RP: Despair Never Dies
Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy, home of the bright young stars who are our greatest hope!... and also home of the most brutal, chilling, undeniable despair imaginable.
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Dangan Ronpa- Redux
An assortment of the finest high school students in the world. A school more like a prison. And a psychopathic stuffed bear. This is Hope's Peak Academy. Kill, or be killed.
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Dangan Ronpa Roleplay Headquarters
Advertise a roleplay, or find one to play. See the other games currently running or just come in to chat.
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Dangan Ronpa RP
Almost a century after the events of the previous Kiboukamine Academy, the world is still chaotic and apocalyptic. Somewhere in Hokkaido, Japan, another crazed student remembers the events of the old academy and how the world almost lost all hope, and decides to recreate it yet again.
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Dangan Ronpa: Despair of Worlds
Fifteen Students are invited to attend an interworld academy for the best and brightest, but when things go wrong, they are forced to partake in a game of murder for their lives. Sign ups semi-closed. PM for more info.
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Dangan Ronpa: Practical Solutions
The best way to solve a murder is to include a dash of common sense. With a new set of rules and player information sets, how far will the characters go to unveil the true murderer? (No longer open, sorry)
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Dangan Ronpa and Super Dangan Ronpa 2: The Roleplay
Become a student at Hope's Peak Academy or take a trip on Jabberwock Island. Will you let hope or despair overcome you in this sick and twisted game?
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The Despair I feel
Fifteen students are selected to join the prestigious Lupo Academy, but their graduation requirement? Get away with the perfect murder.
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Welcome To Hope's Peak Academy
To enroll, one must be top in their field of expertise, the students do not apply, but instead the school invites them. Those who attend are given the title "Super High School Level". Graduate, and you are almost certainly guaranteed for a successful life ahead.
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Despair Eater
Dangan Ronpa; Soul Eater AU! Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy. More commonly known as the DWMA. It stands as a defense against the forces of evil, which would plunge the world into chaos and drag humanity into the very depths of fear and madness! the demons known as Kishin, and their eternal hunger for destruction. To ensure that the Kishin never regain their hold on this world, this Academy was founded by the Grim Reaper, Death himself! ( (Original characters are allowed! As are canon characters. Le
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Dangan Ronpa: Beta-reading, challenges, requests
The place to ask and offer for beta reading and request/challenge people for fanfictions ideas :3
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