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Dark Souls Anew
Time is convoluted... We know that... though, the flame is fading... and it is being lit... again, and again, and again... When does it end? Or will it ever? Roleplaying game. Come make your character and embark on this journey to either wind up hollow, or to set yourself ablaze. Or better yet, something more...
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Dark Souls RP: Jolly Cooperation!
Simple RP with not too many rules. Come one, come all :
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The DSS Community Discussion Board
The place where the DSS (Or Dark Souls Society) can discuss, pose and promote their ideas, as well as organise community events like Invasions, Summons and Trades. All are welcome. Please respect our mods: that would be myself, Burned Souffle and Alone in the blight.
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Dark Souls: Reprisal
Creating a Covenant with the lords of the Abyss was a risky move, on Artorias' part, However, upon death, he roams the endless void as a phantom. The Chosen Undead was a fool; Ushering in the Age of Man was a selfish sacrifice, and now Artorias and the Demons of the Abyss roam the lands, and even the Dark Lord cannot stop them. You find yourself in Lordran, and at the heart of the darkness, by unknown means. Darkwraiths roam the land tirelessly. Can you survive?
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Dark Souls: The RP
Dark Souls RP! All applicants must be of a literate writing level. Invite Only
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Dark souls Rp!
Decided to start my own dark souls rp since the old one I was in died, if you like dark souls and wanna rp. Then your welcome to join!
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The Encroaching Dark
The accursed Darksign, brand of all those inflicted by the Undead curse, thefateless and undying creatures that swarm the lands of men. It has been as such ever since the first king of man and god, the great Lord Gwyn played his hand against fate using his own soul to rekindle the first flame out of fear of humanity and the coming age of dark. His actioms dooming the workd to an endless cycle of light and dark. Will you succumb to the endless cycle or will you forge your own path?
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Dark Souls: Adventures of Lordran
imagine if the Chosen Undead never came, what if they died in the Asylum? The fate of Lordran lies in the hands of travelers that are willing to change the Land, Forever.
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DS Role play
A RP for those who want to help or hinder others
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Dark Souls: The Age of Dark
The chosen undead has ushered in the Age of Dark, the world has fallen further into darkness as the Abyss spreads throughout the world, corrupting it. Darkwraiths are behind every corner, collecting humanity for their lord. The Dark Lord plans to stop the spread of humanity, and to claim what is rightfully his, the Dark Soul. It is up to you, the few remaining sane undead to stop this madness.
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The Age of Dark
The Dark Lord now rules the land of Lordran, covering the land in an age of man. Come and find the tragic ending of this land and it's inhabitants. As a group of Chosen Undead have drifted along into Lordran in the Ship of Elpis, where species that are marked with the Dark Sign are shipped to find a cure for the curse.
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The darkest days
basic concept of darksouls to gain power with souls. the rest is fan made and user generated lore and information so come and try and take are souls if you dare.
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Dark Souls 2 The Dawn of a New Hero
Long ago this land consisted of stone and everlasting dragons. Then the onset of the first fire brought life and death. Out of this fire was born the Lord Souls, which granted god-like abilities to whoever held one. The first to seize one was Nito, bringer of death and disease. The second to seize a soul was the Witch of Izalith and her daughters of chaos. But, the most powerful Lord Soul was granted to Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight, and his vast army of silver knights. The furtive Pygmy received the dark soul.
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