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The tales of the four horsemen
This is a place for anything darksiders. Share a story,rp or just talk. If its darksiders its welcome here. This forum is set after the events that led to War's crime and him being framed,all four horsemen have tried and succeeded in clearing the crime and proving him innocent. Now they do what they normally do,but because of this recent event they have decided to take on apprentices to carry on if anything should happen to them. Will you be an apprentice of a legendary rider,or just another bystander?
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Darksiders: Last of the Third Kingdom
Basically, a forum for those who wish to participate in this fanfic. I am setting up two areas; discussion and Role Play. May add more later. Ask one of the moderators if you wish to join.
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The Charred Forum
Just a general place where people can discuss anything and everything Darksiders
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Take These Wings
A forum to discuss Take These Wings for anyone that is interested.
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Couldn't find one so i decided to make one
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