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this is where we all try to surive the hell known as the USG Ishimura
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You are on the USM Nova and are heading to help out a ship with problems when done helping out you return only to find out a member has caught something. The USM Nova goes under lockdown and with in hours it's quiet and people have started to die and their dead bodies start to morph into scary necromorphs can you survive the lockdown and make it out of the USM Nova?
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Dead Space Roleplay
In this forum you can become a Colonist on Tau Volantis, A worker on the USG Ishimura and Aegis VII, an EarthGov soldier, or a Unitologist. Create an OC and decide your fate as you battle the Necromorph infestation!
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Surviving the End
years have passed since the last necromorph outbreak. Now, On Luna station, The Outbreak has started again. How or why isn't known yet, but it's up to a select group of soldiers, engineers, medics, and most of all: Survivors, to figure it out.
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A Dead Space RP
2508, with the introduction of planet-cracking, it was only a matter of time before whole stations dedicated to the matter were built. Themis Inc. a company on the brink of bankruptcy takes a risky leap in hopes of saving itself by building and launching a dedicated penal labour station to Excelsior IV, a planet on the southern constellation of the Milky Way with a mining colony present on it. Eager to start excavating Pendulum Station unknowingly allows a dark force on-board...
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Hell on the USM Bagstone
The USM Bagstone, a warship that has been in commission for over fifty years. Now after escorting the Rivera, a planet cracker on it's most recent mission. The cracker found something, shortly thereafter all contact was lost. Now teams of Marines are being sent to investigate. Survive the investigation and head back to the Bagstone, make sure nothing hitches a ride.
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Dead Space Roleplay
I decided to make a rp since there were not too many active roleplays and so yeah have fun!
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Dead Space: Prisoner
The prison world of Ferrum has went dark. This has caused the government and the Unitologist to send a team to see what caused the dark out and fix the prison world. Uncover the mysteries, complete the mission, and most importantly, survive and stay sane against the Necromorphes
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Dead Space Roleplaying n shiz
Roleplaying in the Dead Spaces. We'll be focusing on Dead Space 1 for now, but if some people wanna create divergent storylines with OCs n shiz go nuts. Yay. (Sorry I'm terrible at summaries, but hey, I'm trying mane :V Also don't mind the title, I'm terrible at titles too. )
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Dead Space: Enlightenment
Set between DS2 & 3, more details inside. In 2513 on the Europa Station, a civilization station (much like the Titan) that orbits one of Jupiter's moons, the normal lives that everyone lived there change for the worse, leading to a Necromorph Outbreak.
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My idea for a Dead Space Hellsing crossover
I was thinking on making a Dead Space/Hellsing crossover story after I finish the one I'm currently typing. I plan on having it take place after the end of the first game. There will be necros and blood
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Dead space brought survival horror to the final frontier ad damn near perfected the subgenre. but a reveolutionary role-play will do what kotor did for sci-fi.
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Dead Space 2: Return To The Nightmare
The Nightmare Returns on The Sprawl, Your Current job...survive. Your passion...live. -The Sprawl on Saturns Orbiting Moon is now Infected with the Marker, Live.- This is a RPG
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What should I name my new Dead Space story
Basically I would like to know your thoughts about the title I should choose I haven't started writing yet but plan too soon - The setting is like this O'donnel No first name yet suggestions would help is a cave miner on the Titan Station/ or some other planet left to its fate and he is alone fighting against the unwinnable force of necromorphs to find his family he was last seen leaving on a shuttle
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Dead Space: A new Saga (RP)
A forum created for the sole purpose of Role-playing, but must stay in the borderlines of the Dead Space series, books, comics, anime, etc. feel free to post your RP characters and starting chapters... because I am hopeless at creating a starting chapter. So without further or do, hope you don't die a horrible death and good luck! Altman be praised!
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ScottishNarwhal's Dead Space Roleplay
Dead Space roleplay
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Dead Space Chat!
For you Dead Space Lovers ;)
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