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Destiny: Welcome Guardians
The Tower may be our sanctuary but the darkness calls out to all of us for different reasons, we must heed its call and go out there among the stars. This group of Guardians may be able to do the job, "Will you join us?"
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Destiny: New horizons
"Taken King dead, yes? Killed years ago... Variks remembers. Petra wanted to avenge Queen Kell. Crows wanted to kill Taken. But that Guardian... They killed Oryx and avenged Queen Kell. Killed Crota. Killed Skolas. But Fallen have only grown. Cabal have reinforcments. Hive have invaded Reef. Vex creating new minds. Perhaps Variks will tell your tale to next Guardian, yeeess?" - Variks the Loyal. Become Legend. Grab your Destiny.
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Our Destiny's
The Darkness appoarch's and the traveler will not aid us... Is it dead? Or does it intend to watch us die? We were a fool to trust this God Machine... This bringer of death and Destruction... Now we that remain must use its power as Guardian's and hope our last city never falls... Does this mean we must look to those who are our enemies?...
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Destiny (The Game) RP
"Destiny is set seven-hundred years into the future in a post-apocalyptic setting following a prosperous period of exploration, peace and technological advancement known as the Golden Age. "The Collapse" saw the mysterious dissolution of Earth's expanding colonies, ending the Golden Age. Mankind is now teetering on the brink of extinction with the only known survivors living on Earth. " The remaining humans have been under the protection of the "Traveler" and it has chosen Guardians to protect human-kind.
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Legends aren't Born: They're Forged (Destiny RP)
(Summary in Progress, but this is a Narrative-Focused RP forum for Destiny. :D We'll try to keep it active)
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Destiny Arise
What does it mean to be a Guardian? One can say simply that it is merely to be one that stands against the Darkness as one of the chosen wielders of Light. I believe that there is more to it than that, but to understand the true meaning to a Guardian we must look back. Back to a time before Guardians, before the Walls and the City existed... To when we first arose to the call.
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Guardians United RP
A roleplay forum for Bungie's latest game, Destiny! Come, all guardians, any class or race, as we fight to keep the solar system (and possibly beyond) safe. Become Legend, here.
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Destiny RolePlay
(Open, and looking for Mods!) Destiny RolePlay, accept the rules, create your Guardian(s), new Exotic Weapons, Armour and Subclasses, then help your fellow Guardians to push back the Darkness!
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Destiny RP
Private RP for myself and Greywing44
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Destiny: New Legends
The Darkness peers down upon The Last City. Guardians are needed now, more than ever. If The Light and those who needs it are to survive, then hero's must step up to the plate.
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Destiny: Forge Of Legends
Oryx, The Taken King, is dead. And in his wake, new challenges have arisen. The Fallen have grown. The Hive are getting stronger. The Cabal are reforming. The Vex are awakening. The Taken are regrouping. Guardians, we must stand together as one, or face annihilation. Together we stand, divided we fall.
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The Frontier: Dagger(Pistol), Shield(Fist), and Wisdom(Creativity)
Just a simple Destiny RP for simple people. However please get some experience with basic RPing and writing before coming here, thank you.
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Greater Destiny
An alternate reality in the fight against the Darkness. Guardians, warriors of the Light face a difficult choice: fight for the planet they love... or reach for the stars... (slightly pro Dead Orbit)
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Destiny RP ( Game )
Your light is taken by, and must find your ghost. The fallen have taken over, and your job is to find your ghost. Once you do regain your light, you must rebuild of what is destroyed. You must take back the light, and save the the traveler's light or else you're doomed. The question is can you guardian?
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