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Detroit: Become Human roleplay
The year is 2038 and technology has advanced. There are now androids, who are programmed to do various tasks. When these same androids however start to become self aware and deviate, what will happen? Claim a canon, or make your own character. The choice is yours. Anyone is welcome
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Detroit: Become Human writers corner
Since there are no forum pages for writers to talk, pitch ideas, or even to recommend any stories I thought I would get the ball rolling here. This is NOT an RP forum so please use one of the other places for that. This is purely for Fan fiction talk.
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Detroit: Becoming Human New York Style
Set during the timeline of the game. Our adventure takes place in New York, where the massive Android riots have broken out from Detroit. Will the androids prosper and gain the freedom they desire? Or will they fail miserably and humans reign forever more? You decide.
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(After Detroit: Become Human) Adapting RP
I think this could be very fun! :) This RP will focus on the events that transpire after the perfect endings [SPOILERS]: that is, when Connor became a deviant and aided Markus's peaceful revolution, and Alice, Kara, and Luther arrive safely in Canada. The focus will shift, meaning we can go between each android's perspective. Looking for a few people willing to have fun. No OCs please. Nothing against original characters, but the flow of RPs is nicer without them. New to this whole forum thing, sorry
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Detroit: Become Human Connor Oneshot's
This is DBH Connor oneshot's
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