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DMC RP- The Reboot!
Hello and welcome everybody, to a reboot of an old RP of mine. Here you can fight, fuck, make some friends, make some enemies, and kick some demon ass all at the same time! Feel free to join, until this forum dies registration is always open.
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Devil May Cry Forever
Come and roleplay as your favorite character or your very own creation! Roleplay in any of the DMC games series or participe in a totaly new story! (-Sigh- I'm still bad at making summaries...) While the the roleplay is in english, I also speak in spanish! So for anyone insterested, please send a PM to me
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Devil May Cry
New Devil Hunters have emerged and serve to protect humanity from the blood-hungry Demons that swarm the world. And where is our cocky, snowy-haired Dante? Doing what he does best: Eating pizza, butchering Devils and looking cool doing it!
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Devil May Cry: Vergil's Return
Set after DMC 3: Dante's Awakening, the young hunter has finally got his shop, Devil May Cry, up and running. That is until the demons appear and trash it. With the arrival of a new evil comes a message: Vergil lives, and he has a bigger, more evil plot than before. So Dante enlists the help of some devil hunters along with Lady. Can the devil hunter Trish really be who she says or is she hiding something? Join The adventure as a Canon or an oc, and pick your side. Are you a hunter? Or a demon?
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Devils Must Die RP
Since the success of Dante's original shop,Devil May Cry, he has decided to open up a new one titled Devils Must Die and is comanaged by Lady,Trish,Lucia,Nero, Vergil, and,of course, Dante
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Devil May Cry Rp
Hi I'm starting a rp set in the Devil May Cry (classic) universe, if slaying demons and getting paid for it sounds good feel free to join. (by the way this rp is intended for a mature audience if you dont like that stuff dont watch.)
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Devil May Cry Roleplay
Rated M for adult, do not enter if your not comfortable with adult content.
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DMC Speculation
Will the series end after game 4? Will we ever learn the details of Dante's sordid past? Here is a place for fans to speculate on where the Devil May Cry series will go next.
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Anything and everything to do with DMC!
Talk here! Yaoi lover? Come here! Het lover? Come here! Humourous and like making topics about which Dante had the best clothes? Welcome to the first DMC forum. Created by a fan for fans. My God...how corny was that summary? coughs
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DMC: Reboot Thoughts
Thoughts about the new Devil May Cry Game
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Devil May Cry Agency: expansion
Demons are popping up like weeds and the members of Devil May Cry are getting overworked. So Dante is expanding his business, at the cost of being in further debt to Lady.
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Devil May Cry
Finally open for business. Want to discuss anything on Devil May Cry games? Our cool half demon hunter, Dante? Well you come to the right place. Jackpot!
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The Temen ni Gru Library
If you're new to the fandom or there's something you need to find out about the games, look here for the information you need to write your fic. Also containing threads with advice, beta readers, and plotbunnies for adoption.
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Devil May Cry: Generations RP
based of the DMC series. make your character and join in the RP. PM if you wish to be an moderator.
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Dante x Nero Forum
I was surprised that there is no forum for this yaoi couple. So, fans of Dante x Nero, welcome!
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Devil May Cry High School
High school can be a drag, but add the Sons of Sparda and now it's a party. Have fun in here! May contain strong language and other themes
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 13 - Since: 10-28-14 - Admin: RavenNight23
Bored? Need inspiration? Well then come join in a challenge! Every month I'll post a new theme and then you enter your fics, and an vote will decide the winner :D
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Vergil fans
Vergil fans come one and all!
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Devil Never Cry
Devil Never Cry. How may I help you? Please, take your shoes off before you enter.
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Original Characters For DMC Stories
Come here to talk about your OC's for DMC stories and get ideas and props for whatever you are doing.
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Young Dante Supporters Gather Here!
Here is a forum for LOVERS and SUPPORTERS of the new Dante and the wonderfully awesome game he is featured in. No Haters allowed. Haters will be cursed out, banned, then cursed out again. For the supporters, You can share info on release dates for differe
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O.K so...come in here and discuss D.M.C...sorry, I'm not very good at this stuff, lol
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Remeber this: Devil's never Cry
This forum is about Devil May Cry, one two and three. Here you can tell what characters you like, and don't like. You can comment about any game you liked on DMC... DON'T piss me off.
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Carnal Spark forum
Please visit here for update notes, previews, or if you have questions on the story.
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Devil May Cry
Just a place where we can meet new people
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