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I cannot say
After their little fling, Yui went back to her father. Yui however, finds out a dirty little secret. She tries endlessly to get in touch of Subaru. And she does. But all hell will break loose. And she needs to do everything to keep this secret safe from the Sakamaki's, including Subaru. She's scared, pissed, and angry. But soon this all turnes into a load of shit.
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Carla's daughter
As this married couple goes into three years of marrage. Yui gets pregnant. But she doesn't trust that Carla will be a good father to his baby. So, she runs. now wanting her only child to have the best life. But, as soon as she leaves her baby to a family she knew personally. Carla gets ansy, wanting to know why his wife left for so long. And he soon gets to meet Cilia Tsukamaki.
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