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Disgaea roleplaying and Crossovers
Come roleplay as your favorite characters.
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Disgaea Ultimate: Netherworld's Last Stand
A new evil known as the Dream Eater Crisis struck, reducing 79 percent of the universe into a state of utter cataclysm. How did this crisis start? What IS Z.O.E? Why does the Overlord Zenon seek to aid them? Whatever the answers are, this is a quest exceeding reality itself.
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The NetherMultiverse!
The many Netherworlds are ours for the Conquering! Follow me! And make your own characters and lead your own conquest of the Netherworlds!
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Netherworld Research Institution
Our research facility will strive to understand any mysteries surrounding our common demon, and monster class folks. As well as examining our territory's geography, and study our numerous weapons, armor, and accessories. All that, and then some so please share with us your knowledge.
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Disgaea: A malevolent good
All of the Virtues are law in Celestia with dire consequences to those who disobey them. But what happens one day when an Angel is banished down to the netherworld for lying about how someone looked? Who will he meet down there? How will his entire world view change? Who knows cause I sure don't! (CLOSED)
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Disgaea Role Play
All right, all you Disgaea fans! Cick here for some classic adventure, that is, if you dare...!
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Maritsu Evil Academy!
Sign up at the elite Maritsu Evil Academy for demons! Do you chose to major in massacares? Or wish to be the number one delinquent? Here's the Academy to sign up at! Of course...you don't mind your teachers are violent, cruel demons, right? :D
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The Netherworld's Number One Most BadAss Overlord!
Basically, this is a forum to decide who in the Disgaea Universe deserves the title of "Bad-Ass Overlord" the most! You will discuss your opinion on who deserves the title, then we vote.
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The Netherworld Tales
Relax, have fun, and party hard! Don't forget to bring the snacks! And hop on in, because it's always a blast in the Netherworld!
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Nippon Ichi's Unofficial Fanfiction Forum
As the title hints, this is a forum dedicated to the many worlds of the N1 fandoms not simply Disgaea. Feel free to join and discuss about it's canon or simply have fun.
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Laharl X Flonne, Rozlin X Adell
Well this forum is for all Disgaea fans intrested in the couple's LaharlXFlonne and RozlinXAdell I'm here to hear all opinions on the couples so you may roleplay and chat but please no flames or bad language
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What other guy would you pair Flonne with?
I have a Laharl x Flonne story in the works, and part of the plot is that Laharl gets jealous because some other guy is always hanging around Flonne. My problem is, who should this mystery guy be?
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Pleinair's Dark Assembly Agency
Discuss Pleinair's greatness here, or any other Disgaea subjects.
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Nipponichi's stuff ! o
talk about anything, everything about nipponichi's stuff, include disgaea, phantom brave, rhapsody, makai kingdom, etc.
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Disgaea, End of Darkness
A forum just to relax and talk, doesn't mean you have to talk about the actual story. Just come in to chill and have fun.
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The ridiculousness that is Disgaea!
Come and discuss the Disgaea games here, and how insane you have made your characters, or whether or not you have beaten baal in any of them! But, don't scare me!
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DisgaeaWarcraftSonic Rp
Oky this is Disgaea and Warcraft roll play so if u like eigther of those 2 games or both then this will be fun for you oky you can pic your favorite charactor or characters and rp as them. U can't no somebody is about 2 sneak attack u or ambush u oky u se
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