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Final Fantasy II: Disaster
Set after the game. A misterious force is absorbing whole chucks of the other FF games setting and now an all-and-out brawl between all the Final Fantasy Universes has started. Look for the cristals. Be an hero, a villain and HAVE FUN!
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Dissidia Final Fantasy RP
An RP where you can be either hero, or villain. Choose your allies wisely, friend, for your battle will start as soon as you do. You can choose to be an OC and/or a canon character. Up to 3 characters max. NEW MEMBERS WELCOME
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Dissidia: The World Of Final Fantasy
The worlds of Final Fantasy have been merged together to create one huge world! However with this newly created world our heroes must face off against a new evil that has recruited the strongest villains from each world! Now the heroes must work together to fight back against this new evil...However they must first begin trusting each other first to do so! Join The Warriors of Chaos or join The Warriors of Cosmos in this new adventure! (Note: This takes place after each games ending)
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Who Wants to Play Some Dissidia?
Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy is my favorite game of all time. So rather than just getting adhoc party and playing online I thought it would be better to actually be able to talk with who I'm playing with. We can play the game or talk about it together, or just plain talk. I'm looking forward to meeting you all, so keep it friendly! RP and pairing discussion included.
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Dissidia Final Fantasy: The Great Will
A world were the Goddess of Harmony and the God of Discord fight for supremacy, the world depend on the choices of the chosen warriors of the gods. The question is: What will you fight for?
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Dissidia roleplay
Do you have what it takes to play as a character from the game? Come and find out.
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Ideas for Dissidia
As the title states, it's a place where you can post story ideas and theories for the video game Final Fantasy Dissidia.
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General Dissidia Forum
Come one; Come all - Here is a place for you to talk about all things Dissidia - Your favourite character - thoughts on the game - anything you can think of really!
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The Characters
A lot of people play Dissidia: Final Fantasy, but who is the most beloved one and the most hated one out of its many characters? Or anything else you would like to discuss about the characters.
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Final Fantasy Dissidia: The Lost Cycles
The Cycle of this World... Twelve Cycles before the end, and the rebirth of the conflict. But what DID happen here? Well, with the help of the Lost Reports and our imagination! Let's piece together the conflict of Cosmos and Chaos! As well as into the conflict of Spiritus and Materia! Let the Battles Begin!
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Favorite DFF Moments
Which moment from DFF is you favorite? From Cosmos's death to our heros' last stand. All DFF fans welcome! Please enjoy!
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Dissidia Roleplay Requests
Want to roleplay a character, but have no one to roleplay with? Then post a Dissidia rping request here!
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Dissidia Ruination!
A true ruination- bring yourself and do whatever to whoever! wreck the worlds, play cards with chaos - anything goes!
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Dissidia Vigniti Unus 021 Final Fantasy: Fati Summ
A forum for my new story! Character Profiles, Summons, and all that good stuff that will appear. They will be updated as story continues.
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Dissidia Duodecim Tournament
Help me finish Tournament la Dissidia Duodecim.
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The Last & Final Fantasy
Welcome to The Last & Final Fantasy, a roleplay for all branches of Final Fantasy, from 6-14, from 1-5 to even Dissidia to 012. Welcome to THE FINAL FANTASY.
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